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San Josef / St Joseph &c, 1797
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 112
Taken : 14 Feb 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 1849
BM: 2457 tons
Dimensions Length of gun deck 194 ft. 3 in. ; Breadth extreme 54 ft. 3 in. ; Depth of hold 24 ft. 5˝ in.

14 Feb 1797 Captured at St Vincent. Remained as a cruiser on the Lisbon Station until sent to the UK in Oct 1797, to be repaired.

11 Jun 1799 Plymouth, ordered to be fitted for commission.

24 Jun 1799 Plymouth, went into the Great Dock, which was just large enough to receive her.

31 Jul 1799 Plymouth, went into dock to repair.

27 Aug 1799 Plymouth, in dock refitting.

23 Oct 1799 Plymouth, remain in dock, to repair.

24 Dec 1799 Plymouth, in dock for repair.

11 Sep 1800 Plymouth, in dock.

18 Oct 1800 Plymouth, came in and went up the harbour, the Namur, 98 ; her crew is to be turned over to the San Joseph, of 112 guns, lately repaired, and now fitting for sea in Hamoaze.

21 Oct 1800 Plymouth, in dock refitting.

20 Nov 1800 Plymouth, is to go out of dock the next spring tide. She is to be fitted for the flag of R.-Adm. Lord Nelson.

25 Nov 1800 Plymouth, is now in dock, completely coppered, and painted, with a light figure head of San Joseph.

9 Dec 1800 Plymouth, did not go out of dock the last spring tide, as it did not rise high enough.

17 Dec 1800 Plymouth, yesterday morning, at 2 o’clock, the labourers of the dockyard and crew of the Namur, unshored the San Josef, and it being a spring tide by 5 o’clock she had been got out of the dock and was alongside the North Jetty Head ; she then received her iron ballast and at 4 p.m. was hauled alongside the sheer-hulk to take in her masts, the largest seen in the kingdom.

17 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound early this morning Vice-Admiral the Right Hon. Lord Nelson. He immediately hoisted his flag on board the San Joseph, 122 , and was saluted by the flap-ship, the Cambridge, and cheered by the whole fleet.

22 Jan 1801 went into Cawsand Bay, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, Captain Hardy.

28 Jan 1801 news received at Plymouth that the French fleet had departed Brest and that as a result the ships of the line in Cawsand Bay, the Barfleur, Achille, Russell, were ordered to make preparations to join the Channel Fleet once confirmation of the signal had been received ; were reported to have sailed in the afternoon. The remaining ships, the San Josef, and Prince George were expected to sail tomorrow with V.-Adm. Nelson.

1 Feb 1801 departed Cawsand Bay, Vice-Admiral for Torbay.

1 Feb 1801 arrived Torbay.

24 Feb 1801 remains in Torbay.

5 Mar 1801 departed Torbay, the Ville de Paris, Windsor Castle, San Josef, and Caesar, to join the Channel Fleet.

10 Mar 1801 Rear-Admiral Saumarez, Bart. reports that the Ville de Paris, of 110 guns, Admiral Cornwallis ; San Josef, 118 ; and Windsor Castle, 98 ; had joined the fleet.

12 Mar 1801 the Ville de Paris, Adm. Cornwallis, arrived Torbay with the Royal George, San Josef, Prince George, Windsor Castle, Glory, Temeraire, Neptune, Atlas, Prince, and Captain from off Brest, where R.-Adm Saumarez remained with a strong squadron.

15 Mar 1801 departed Torbay with the fleet which arrived on Thursday evening, the 12th, along with the Unicorn, which arrived Friday evening.

17 Mar 1801 has just come to anchor in Torbay the fleet which departed on the 15th.

21 Mar 1801 the weather being reportedly blowing a heavy gale at W by N the fleet consisting of the same vessels as on 12 Mar., along with the Venerable, is taking shelter in Torbay.

30 Mar 1801 the Channel Fleet, now made up as follows : the Ville de Paris, Adm. Cornwallis ; Royal Sovereign, V.-Adm. Harvey ; Windsor Castle, V.-Adm. Mitchell ; Prince George, R.-Adm. Cotton ; Princess Royal, R.-Adm. Gower, Temeraire, R.-Adm. Whitshed ; Barfleur, R.-Adm. Collingwood ; San Josef, Capt Wolsley ; Atlas, Capt Murray ; Formidable, Capt Grindale ; Glory, Capt Draper ; Prince, Capt Northesk ; and frigate Fisgard, Capt Martin, departed Torbay for the Channel.

21 May 1801 The San Josef is reported to sail remarkably well for her size.

13 Aug 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay from the Channel Fleet to refit.

22 Aug 1801 departed Plymouth Sound the Royal Sovereign with the San Josef, and Indefatigable, having embarked bullocks and vegetables for the Channel fleet.

28 Dec 1801 remained with the Channel Fleet in Torbay with the Ville de Paris.

6 Jan 1801 a signal was made for the Royal George, San Joseph, and Robust to prepare to weigh and proceed to Plymouth, however the weather came on very bad and prevented them departing. On the 7th they loosed their sails and attempted to sail, but a heavy and disagreeable sea coming in from the South East required that they desist i.e. to get out of Torbay would have meant attempting to sail to the South East, which might have caused damage to the ships, if they could have made any headway?

9 Jan 1802 the wind moderated last night and the Royal George, San Joseph, and Robust departed Torbay, arriving Plymouth Sound, later today to be paid wages and victualled, the wind blowing strongly from the east.

12 Apr 1802 came into Cawsand Bay from Torbay, San Josef, 120 ; Royal George, 110 ; and Prince, 98, to be stripped and paid off.

14 Apr 1802 went up into Hamoaze to be paid off, the Royal George, 110, Prince, 98, and San Josef, 120. Lighters were sent alongside each ship to remove their powder, spirits and wines &c. to the various storehouses.

15 Apr 1802 at Plymouth a deserter from the San Josef, broke open his Serjeant's lodgings at Stonehouse and robbed him of all his pay and prize money, and got clear off.

23 Apr 1802 the Prince, 98 ; the San Josef, 120, and the Royal George, 110, were paid off in Hamoaze, and laid up in ordinary. The greater part of their crews shipped themselves for different ports, and many were away in the long coaches.

21 Mar 1803 is ordered down Plymouth harbour.

24 Mar 1803 is to be hauled down into the Hamoaze for immediate commission.

14 Apr 1803 commissioned by Capt Spicer ; has her top mast rigged over head.

30 Apr 1803 continues fitting out for sea in Hamoaze.

5 Jun 1803 R.-Adm Dacres hoisted his flag on board the San Josef.

11 Jun 1803 just come to in Barney Pool and will soon go out of Hamoaze, being nearly manned.

16 Jun 1803 R.-Adm Sir C Cotton has hoisted his flag at the fore of the San Josef, Capt Spicer.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Lieutenant Rose, apptd to the San Josef.

29 Jul 1803 the Neptune, Capt Drury, went up into Hamoaze to be repaired. Her ship's company is to be turned over to the San Josef, Foudroyant, and Prince, to man them to join the Channel Fleet.

22 Aug 1803 the San Josef is now fitting for sea.

4 Oct 1803 has bent her sails and will drop down from Hamoaze into Cawsand Bay shortly, but is said to be short of hands.

5 Oct 1803 dropped down to Cawsand Bay to await orders.

9 Oct 1803 tenders and cutters have arrived Plymouth from Exmouth, Chester, Liverpool and Londonderry, with seamen for the San Josef, Northumberland, and Foudroyant, bringing the ship's companies of this ships in line with their complements.

13 Oct 1803 departed Cawsand Bay for the Channel Fleet.

30 Dec 1803 arrived at Torbay the Ville de Paris, Adm Cornwallis ; the Dreadnought and the San Josef, having suffered in their yards, topmasts and sails in the recent storms whilst attempting to remain on station, and having used most of their spare sails &c., will probably expect some to be sent round from Plymouth, and are currently being watered by several of the local fishing sloops.

1 Jan 1804 departed Torbay for the Westward, but in such a hurry that some of the fishing sloops transferring drinking water to the Ville de Paris had to start it overboard ie throw it away ; the San Josef and Dreadnought were equally as quick to get away and the San Josef still had the old bomb boat woman, the butchers, shoemakers &c., who were on board selling their wares, that it was only with great difficulty that the sloops could catch her to westward of the Berry to take them out.

12 Jan 1804 arrived Cawsand Bay, Plymouth, having departed from the Channel Fleet Monday last, to repair damage she received in the late gales.

13 Feb 1804 departed Cawsand Bay for the Channel Fleet, taking with her 20 bullocks for the Fleet.

Circa 23 Jun 1804 the Terrible, Spencer and San Joseph, are reported at Portsmouth, to have arrived Plymouth from off the French Coast, the Spencer having been on shore off the Ferrol.

Circa 1 Sep 1804 Capt Ricketts apptd to the San Josef.

11 Oct 1804 per a report from Brixham, the following squadron under Adm Cornwallis arrived Torbay, the Ville de Paris, San Josef, Prince, Prince George, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Glory, and Plantagenet. On Tuesday they attempted to go back to sea, but the wind became contrary again and they returned to Torbay, joining the hired armed ship Lady Melville, and the Nimrod hired armed cutter.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 it is reported that the Channel Fleet : the Ville de Paris, San Josef, Prince, Prince George, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Windsor Castle, and Plantagenet had departed Torbay for their station, being joined from Plymouth by the Britannia and Venerable.

11 Nov 1804 due to bad weather arrived Torbay the Ville de Paris, Adm Cornwallis, San Josef, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Impetueux, Goliath, Britannia, Plantagenet, Thunderer, and another unnamed 6 ships of the line, but by the time this paper reaches the streets, on the 19th inst., will no doubt have returned to sea.

20 Mar 1805 off Brest.

May 1805 Channel Fleet.

Torbay 29 Dec 1806 Remains.

21 Nov 1809 Portsmouth, the Caledonia and San Josef have been lying idle at Spithead for some months, but are now ordered to be fitted for Channel Service.

29 Apr 1810 at Cadiz.

24 June 1811 reported to be off Toulon.

18 Aug 1811 arrived Plymouth Sound to be docked.

3 Sep 1811 Went into dock.

19 Oct 1811 fitting for sea.

12 Nov 1811 departed Cawsand Bay for off Brest.

24 Dec 1811 arrived Cawsand Bay from off Brest.

25 Dec 1811 came into Cawsand Bay last night from a cruise off the coast of France.

4 Jan 1812 departed Cawsand Bay to the westward.

6 Jan 1812 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

9 Feb 1812 came up to Spithead from San Helen's.

9 Apr 1812 departed Spithead for Plymouth.

8 Jun 1812 arrived Cawsand Bay from a cruise off Brest.

10 Sep 1812 arrived Cawsand Bay from off Brest.

9 Nov 1812 anchored in Cawsand Bay.

1 Dec 1812 came to anchor Plymouth Dock again on Sunday night, and this evening is under weigh again.

2 Feb 1813 arrived Cawsand Bay from off Brest.

28 Feb 1813 departed Deal for Portsmouth.

22 May 1813 Put back to Cawsand Bay due to contrary winds, whilst bound for the Straits.

26 May 1813 Remains in Cawsand Bay due to contrary winds, bound for the Mediterranean.

5 Nov 1813 arrived off Cape Sicie and was involved in a skirmish with a French squadron off Toulon.

12 Feb 1814 a part of the fleet off Toulon which chased a French squadron into that port.

26 Jul 1814 arrived Plymouth from the Mediterranean, and put under Quarantine.

2 Sep 1814 Is reported to have been paid off at Plymouth.

3 Apr 1815 To be commissioned at Plymouth.

Jul 1830 Plymouth.

Nov 1831 flag-ship at Plymouth, with an amended complement of three Lieutenants, and 200 officers, seamen, and marines.

1 Dec 1831 Admiral Sir Manley Dixon, K.C.B. struck his flag on board the Foudroyant, at Plymouth, and hoisted it on the following day on board the San Josef.

8 Jun 1833 In Hamoaze.

May 1835 Guard ship in Hamoaze, at Plymouth.

10 Sep 1835 the San Josef was paid off into ordinary last Friday, and the Royal Adelaide was commissioned with the flag of the Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth. The San Josef will act as the receiving ship for the Royal Adelaide.

1839 gunnery training ship.

8 Aug 1839, in Hamoaze at Plymouth

14 Dec 1839 Acting Gunner, 3d Class Thomas Howells, appointed to the San Josef.

14 Dec 1839 Lieutenant John Palmer Wells, appointed to the San Josef

8 Feb 1840 Purser John Johns, appointed to the San Josef, vice Elliott.

25 Apr 1840 Lieutenant Robert Amyett Newman, appointed to the San Josef, for Plymouth ordinary ;

29 May 1840 Lieutenants Edward H. Kenney, H. H. Budd, William Campbell, John Palmar Wells, appointed to the San Josef.

21 Jul 1840 Mr. William Lidstone, second master of the San Josef, has been appointed second master of the Cuckoo, vice Dor, to the Lucifer.

8 Aug 1840 Master John E. Mills, (acting) of San Josef, is confirmed to that ship.

9 Jan 1841 Plymouth, A court-martial was held on board the San Josef on George Hobbs, the gunner of the Pigeon packet.

12 Mar 1841 Second Master W. H. Balliston, appointed to the San Josef, for the buoyboat, vice Rundle, to the Polyphemus.

19 Apr 1841 a court-martial took place on board the San Josef, at Plymouth, on Lieutenant Bastard James and the officers and crew, for the loss of the packet Spey.

14 Aug 1841 Captain F. W. Burgoyne, appointed to the San Josef in charge of the ships in ordinary at Plymouth.

25 Dec 1841 Rear Admiral Sir S. Pym is to hoist his flag on board the San Josef, and is appointed superintendent of Plymouth Dockyard.

23 Dec 1841 Plymouth.

26 Feb 1842, 80 boys were transferred from the Caledonia and San Josef to the Minden this last week.

16 Jun 1842 in Plymouth Harbour.

20 Dec 1848 Devonport.

30 Jun 1849 The Sydney Shipping Gazette reports that the Plymouth Times has reported the breaking up of the San Josef after 52 years service in the RN.