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Santa Dorotea / Dorothea, 1798
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36 x 12 pdr
Taken from the Spanish by the Lion, off Carthagena, 15 July 1798 ;
BM: 958 tons

15 Jul 1798 the Lion captured the Spanish frigate Santa-Dorotea, one of a squadron of four similar vessels. The Santa-Dorotea was purchased into the service under the same name.

28 Nov 1798, when in company with the Strombola, Perseus, and Bull Dog, captured a Spanish man of war brig, 16, and 88 men off Alboran.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. H. Downman. At Lisbon.

Apr-15 May 1800 blockade of the fortress of Savona.

20 Jan 1801 the Minerve was at Lisbon with the Santa Dorothea, Aurora, Netley and Milbrook when the packet Prince Adolphus arrived from Falmouth.

departed Lisbon prior to the 26 Jan 1801 for Gibraltar with a convoy.

17 Sep 1801, Gulf of Tarento, the Mercury having received Information that HM late sloop the Bull Dog had departed from Ancona on the 25 of August, with several trabacolos for Egypt or Tarento, laden with cannon, powder, shot, &c. I went immediately in pursuit of them with the Champion; and on the morning of the 15th, just entering the Gulf of Tarento, we had the satisfaction to discover the St. Dorothea in chase of the above-mentioned vessels, but at a very great distance to windward, and it was impossible to get near enough to keep sight of them after dark ; however we continued beating to windward all night, and at day-light the Champion made the signal for seeing them to leeward, close in with Gallipoli ; but she was unable to prevent their anchoring under the guns of the garrison ; this was, however, no check to the gallantry of Lord William Stuart, who persevered in a very distinguished manner, notwithstanding the fire from the batteries and the Bull Dog, until he had got close in under her stern, and then gave her so warm a return, that in a few minutes she hauled down her colours, and the cable being cut was soon without reach of the batteries. There were four trabacolos and a tartan with the Bull Dog, all of which had warped close to the walls of the garrison, except one trabacolo, which was also well in and defended by the batteries ; but the Mercury was enabled to get so near as to drop a boat and bring her off without mischief ; she is laden with brass mortars, field-pieces, &c. and was destined for Tarento. Lord William Stuart reports one man killed on board the Champion, and several shot in the masts and hull, chiefly from the batteries.

7 Apr 1802 arrived a the Motherbank the Santa Dorothea, 42, Captain Brunton, from Egypt, and is put under quarantine.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain Brenton, of the Caesar, to the Santa Dorothea frigate, vice Captain Downman, who succeeds Captain Brenton in the command of the Caesar.

5 May 1802 now lying at Spithead, is ordered to be paid off, and is understood she will be laid up in ordinary in Portchester Lake.

9 May 1802 was paid off yesterday in Portsmouth harbour.