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Scout, 1800
Type: 18-gun ship-sloop ;
Taken : late French vessel Venus on 22 Oct 1800 ;
Disposal date or year : 25 Mar 1801
Disposal Details : Wrecked on the Shingles, west end of the Isle of Wight: crew saved. Captain Henry Duncan.

22 Oct 1800 French vessel Venus captured by the Fisgard in the Atlantic, which was purchased into the Service and renamed Scout.

4 Mar 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

16 Mar 1801 the Sheerness and Lady Charlotte arrived Spithead with a Danish East Indiaman, from China to Copenhagen, of 1400 tons and 18 guns, with teas supposedly called the Crown Prince, which they had detained off Portland or off St. Alban's Head, depending on source, when in company with the Scout.

25 Mar 1801 is lost having struck on the Shingles, off the Isle of Wight, the crew being saved by the Beaver sloop of war, and the master attendant of the Dock-Yard, who went immediately to her assistance on the news arriving of her having struck as stated.

28 Mar 1801 the Swan sloop of war arrived at Spithead from the westward with the crew of the Scout sloop of war, wrecked on the Shingles, near the Needles.

1 Apr 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, for the trial of Captain Duncan, his Officers, and ship's company, for the loss of the Scout sloop, on the Shingles, in her passage through the Needles.
After hearing the narrative of Captain Duncan, the Court was of opinion that the loss of the said sloop was occasioned by her being drifted on the Shingles by the rapidity of the tide, after she was tacked, and before she got head-way through the water, the ship having put in stays, by the Pilot's directions, whilst the proper mark (being; the light of Hurst Castle,) was in sight, and that no blame was imputable to the said Captain Henry Duncan, his Officers, the Pilot, or ship's company, for their conduct upon that occasion.