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Seine, 1804
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Taken : 12 Oct 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1813

1798 French frigate Embuscade captured.

1798 purchased into the navy as Ambuscade.

Jan 1804 Ambuscade renamed Seine.

26 Jan 1804 departed the Downs, the Seine, Locust, and Archer, for a cruise on the French Coast.

5 Mar 1804 arrived at Dungeness from a cruise off Dieppe.

26 Mar 1804 arrived in the Downs the Seine, Autumn, and Harpy, from a cruise off Boulogne.

2 Apr 1804 departed the Downs for off Boulogne the Illustrious, with the Immortalite, Seine, Squirrel, Curlew, Bonetta, Alonso, Fury, Archer, Jackal, several stone ships.

7 Apr 1804 departed Dungeness the Leda, Seine, Chiffonne, and Alonzo on a cruise.

3 Jun 1804 departed the Downs, for off Boulogne.

26 Jun 1804 arrived off Boulogne yesterday the Leopard, R.-Adm Louis, with the Autumn and Fanny, joining the squadron already anchored off Boulogne consisting of the Trusty, Regulus, Leda, Seine, Harpy, Bonetta, Sulphur, Fury, Volcano, Devastation, and Lucifer, Locust, Archer, Flamer, and Blazer, gun brigs, and Fly-by-Night, lugger. 47 brigs, and 56 luggers of the enemy have been at anchor in the Roads since Saturday morning, and were inspected yesterday by the Admiral commanding at Boulogne, who arrived in his superbly decorated barge. The French horse artillery practiced yesterday and fired a great quantity, with some of the British ships were also practicing. It was estimated that not more than about 10,000 men were accommodated on shore, whereas there appeared to be room for 90,000 men.

5 Jul 1804 arrived in the Downs the Seine from a cruise off the Coast of France with the Fury, and Sulphur, bombs ; Harpy, sloop ; Archer, Bloodhound, and Bruiser, gun brigs.

6 Jul 1804 departed the Downs, the Seine, Capt Atkins, on a cruise off the French Coast with the sloop Harpy, Capt Heywood ; the Fury, bomb, Capt Edmonds ; Bloodhound, gun brig, Lieut Richardson ; Archer, gun brig, Lieut Price ; and Bruiser, gun brig, Lieut -.

8 Jul 1804 arrived in the Downs the Seine, and Champion, frigates ; Fury, and Lucifer, bombs ; and Milbrook, schooner, from a cruise off the Coast of France, and then departed for Sheerness.

16 Jul 1804 taken into Dock at Sheerness.

13 Aug 1804 has departed Sheerness for the Nore for her ship's company to be paid.

16 Aug 1804 has departed the Nore for the Downs.

17 Aug 1804 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

19 Aug 1804 departed the Downs the Immortalite, Leda, Euryalus, Ariadne, and Seine, frigates ; Bonetta, and Harpy, sloops ; and several gun brigs, not detailed, on a cruise off the French Coast.

Circa 29 Sep 1804 the Swiftsure, Capt Robinson ; Tribune, Capt Bennett ; and the Seine, Capt Atkins, are ordered to Spithead to fit for foreign service.

30 Sep 1804 arrived Spithead, the Seine, Capt Atkins, from the squadron off Boulogne.

16 Oct 1804 has made a signal at Spithead for a convoy to the Coast of Africa, which includes the Ajax, and Ellen, transports, with the African corps on board, bound for Goree.

20 Oct 1804 remains at Spithead with his convoy due to contrary winds.

21 Oct 1804 departed Spithead for Cork to pick up a convoy to the West Indies.

4 Nov 1804 departed Cork the Seine, and the Nimrod, with a convoy of 61 vessels for the West Indies, and with the protection of the Venus as far as Madeira.

22 Dec 1804 arrived Barbadoes with her convoy from Cork.

30 Apr 1805 captured the French privateer Perseverante on the Jamaica station.

27 May 1805 the ships boats were active while cruising off Porto-Rico : captured the armed schooner Concepcion ; mid June destroyed a Spanish sloop and captured a second Concepcion, a large felucca.

4-8 Jul 1806 Northumberland, Elephant, Canada, Agamemnon, Ethalion, Seine, Galatea, Circe, whilst protecting a large convoy bound to England, chased a French squadron under M. Willaumez through the Channel between St.-Thomas and Passage island.

26 Dec 1807 captured the French privateer Sybille on the Home station.

25 Oct 1809 captured the French privateer Rodeur.

13 Feb 1810 ships' boats captured a number of armed boats and destroyed three grounded chasse-marées.

16 Jan 1811 arrived in the Downs from Plymouth with a convoy that has gone for the River.

10 Jun 1811 departed Spithead on a cruise.

4 Jul 1811 arrived in the Downs from the westward.

12 Jul 1811 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

28 Jul 1811 departed the Downs for the Nore.

11 Aug 1811 departed the Downs for Portsmouth.

18 Aug 1811 departed Spithead for Halifax.

20 Aug 1811 arrived Plymouth with a convoy for Quebec and Halifax.

21 Aug 1811 put into Plymouth with a convoy, due to unfavourable winds.

25 Aug 1811 departed Plymouth with a convoy for Quebec, &c.

15 Dec 1811 arrived in the Downs from the Texel.

24 Dec 1811 arrived Spithead from Quebec.

1 Jan 1812 departed Spithead for the river to be paid off.

2 Jan 1812 arrived in the Downs from Portsmouth, bound for the Nore.