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Severn, 1786
Type: Guard ship (1803) ; Troop-ship, late Frigate ; Armament 44
Launched : 1786 ;
Disposal date or year : 21 Dec 1804
Disposal Details : Wrecked in Grouville-bay, Jersey: crew saved. Captain Prince of Bouillon (Vol iii, Appendix No 31)

1793 : a part of the squadron on the Halifax station following the outbreak of war and mainly employed on convoy duties between Halifax and Quebec.

21 Mar 1796 St.-Domingo, W.I., a squadron, including the Ceres, Captain James Newman Newman, arrived off town of Léogane with troops, with a view to reducing the area, but was found to be too strongly defended : however an attempt on Bombarde proved successful.

21 Mar 1796 in company with the Swiftsure, Leviathan, Africa, Ceres, Severn, Iphigenia, Cormorant, Lark, Le Serin, and Marie Antoinette, at the capture of the schooner Charlotte and Brig Sally.

9 Nov 1799 departed Spithead the San Fiorenzo with the Anson, Severn, and Pigmy, on a cruise.

26 Dec 1799 - 22 Jan 1800 the Boadicea and Severn, and the Pigmy and Telemachus Hired Cutters, in Company of the Anson and Sheerness, captured Le Saint Francois, Saint Pierre de Carnac, Brig, Name-unknown, and the Sloop Anna Louisa.

5 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Niger, Scorpion, and Serpent.

26 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Severn, Captain Whitby, and Scorpion, with a large convoy for the West Indies : the Amazon, Captain Riou, is to go with them to a certain latitude.

22 Aug 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Scourge, 18, from convoying part of the homeward-bound West India fleet and brings intelligence of the outward-bound West-India fleet, that departed in April under convoy of the Scorpion, Severn, and Dromedary, having arrived at Martinique on the 20th of May.

2 Jan 1801 prize monies resulting from the captures made during the period 26 Dec 1799 - 22 Jan 1800 are ready to be paid.

Twixt 30 Dec 1800 and 16 Jan 1801 the packet Leicester arrived at Martinique, from Barbadoes, where the Leviathan was about to sail, destination unknown, and the Aimable, Severn and Hornet were at anchor.

26 Jul 1802 orders came down this day for the following ships to proceed for Portsmouth, to be paid off, on their arrival from the West Indies, if they should put in here, Plymouth, by contrary winds : Leviathan, flag-ship, Excellent, Magnificent, Cumberland, Audacious, Goliath, Ganges, and Elephant, 74 each, Severn, 44, Emerald, 36, Decide, 44, Venus ,36, Andromeda, 36, Castor, 32, Heureux, 14, and Drake, 18.

24 Sep 1802 this morning arrived Spithead the Andromeda, 36, Captain Fielding, from Martinico. She departed from Port Royal the 21st of August, where she left the Excellent, Commodore Stopford ; Severn, Captain Barker ; the Castor, Venus, and Thalia frigates ; and Drake sloop of war.

24 Nov 1802 arrived in the Downs from Barbadoes.

26 Nov 1802 departed the Downs for Spithead.

28 Nov 1802 arrived Spithead from the Downs, having been blown passed this anchorage on Wednesday night, to the Downs, in the recent gales.

29 Jul 1803 is to be prepared for use as a guard ship at Jersey.

Circa 31 Oct 1803 the Repulse, Severn, Hermes, and Speedy, lying in Long Reach, in the Medway, have taken in their guns and powder, and wait only a fair wind to proceed to the Nore.

12 Nov 1803 the Repulse, Severn, and Speedy, have now departed Long Reach for the Nore to complete their complements of men.

Circa 15 Nov 1803 the Duke of Bouillon proceeds to Jersey in the Severn, 44, to be under the orders of Sir James Saumarez.

18 Nov 1803 at Sheerness the ship's company were paid the bounty and two months advance of pay before getting under weigh and departing for Portsmouth.

24 Sep 1804 reports of this date from Jersey state that the Severn was lying in Grouville Bay, with the Duke of Bouillon's broad pendant flying, along with the frigate Mercury, brig Assault, and 2 gun brigs, and 2 cutters, and that whilst many French gun boats &c., pass by in the distance, at least for the present, they've only been molested by the British ships from this place once, a few days ago.

Circa 19 Dec 1804 whilst lying in Guernsey Roads the weather was so bad the Niobe had to cut away her main and fore-masts and mizen top, and the Thisbe and Sylph were totally dismasted by the weather and in danger of driving on the rocks ; the Pigmy cutter parted her cables and drove on shore at the back of the South Pier, but has since got off. The Niobe has since arrived at Plymouth. The Severn, despite every effort, ran on shore in Granville Bay, Jersey and was lost. The Alcmene was similarly threatened but managed to ride out the gale.

2 Feb 1805 it is reported that the Severn, which was driven on shore in the December gales has been got off.

13 Mar 1805 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator adjudged that no blame was imputable to Lieut C.J. D'Auvergne, of the Severn, her then commanding officer, the officers and ship's company, for running her on shore in Gronville Bay, Jersey, and that their general conduct was highly meritorious, in their exertions to save their stores.