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Shannon, 1806
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launched : 5 May 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1859
BM: 1066 tons

May 1805 Building.

24 Dec 1807 occupation of the island of Madeira.

10-11 Nov 1808 Triumph and Shannon arrive on the scene following Amethyst's capture of the French 40-gun frigate Thétis.

27 Jan 1809 captured the French privateer Pommereuil in the Channel.

31 Dec 1809 arrived Plymouth from Basque Roads.

2 Jan 1810 went into Plymouth harbour to be repaired.

5 May 1811 sent into Plymouth the Spanish brig Esperanza, having been re-taken.

31 Jul 1811 at Falmouth with a convoy for Spain and preparing to sail.

3 Aug 1811 off Plymouth with a convoy.

10 Aug 1811 departed Plymouth with a convoy for Lisbon &c.

5 Jul 1812 despatched as part of a squadron to cruise off the American coast and on the 9th was joined by the Guerrière.

16-19 Jul 1812 a part of a squadron cruising on the coast of America which chased the United States' 44-gun frigate Constitution.

29 Jul 1812 escorted a homeward-bound Jamaica convoy over the banks of Newfoundland, until 6 Aug., when they departed for the American coast.

4 Sep 1812 in latitude 39° 11' north, longitude 70° 22', sighted the USS Essex.

31 Oct 1812 captured a U.S. privateer, the 18 gun brig Thorn, with 140 men.

23 Feb 1813, Shannon, Com. Broke, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

21 Mar 1813 Shannon and Tenedos departed from Halifax on a cruise in Boston bay, and in April reconnoitred the harbour of Boston. 25 May detached the Tenedos

7 Apr 1813 watering at Block Island with the Valiant, Hogue, Ramillies, Nymphe and Orpheus.

12 Apr 1813, when in company with the Tenedos boarded the Nova Scotian privateer Retaliation, which has now returned to her base at Liverpool, N.S., having taken 7 prizes.

5 May 1813 the Nymphe, Shannon, Tenedos, and captured the Schooner Ann.

16 May 1813 captured the French privateer Invincible.

26 May 1813 Shannon recaptured the brig Lucy and on the 29th the brig William, both of Halifax.

May 1813 armament of the Shannon.

19 May 1813 the Shannon and Nova Scotia re-captured the Brig Paragon.

24 May 1813 the Shannon, Tenedos, and Rattler captured the Schooner Postboy.

1 Jun 1813 preparations and manoeuvres leading up to the capture of the Chesapeake.

6 Jun 1813 arrived at Halifax with the Chesapeake, and to refit.

16 Sep 1813 captured the ship Coralan Patriota (see Catalonia in the London Gazette?), bound from Boston, for Lisbon.

16 Sep 1813 captured the ship Alliance, bound from Salem, for Cadiz.

17 Sep 1813 the schooner Queen Charlotte was taken by the American privateer Elbridge Gerry, on her passage to Newfoundland, re-captured off the light by the Shannon and sent into Halifax, N.S.

18 Sep 1813 arrived Halifax, N.S., from a cruise, with the ships Alliance, and Coralan Patriota, and schooner Queen Charlotte.

1-2 Oct 1813 departed with a convoy for England.

10 Nov 1813, broke from her moorings and ran on shore in Portsmouth harbour, but will be got off next tide.

8 Jan 1815 came down from the river, to Deal, and departed for Leghorn.

20 Feb 1829 arrived Plymouth from cruising off Terceira, reports that the Shannon had departed for the West Indies from that place.

The Druid, arrived Portsmouth 6 Sep 1829, reports that the Grasshopper was at Curaçoa when she departed from Jamaica.

10 Aug 1829 at Port Royal.

5 Oct 1829 Bermuda.

15 Nov 1829 arrived Jamaica from Bermuda.

Jul 1830 Jamaica Station.

Letters from Barbadoes to the middle of Feb 1831 state that a court-martial had been held on board the Shannon, Capt. B. Clement, by order of Vice-Admiral Colpoys, to try Commander Charles H. Williams, of his Majesty's ship Racehorse, 18, on charges preferred against him by supernumerary Commander William Oldrey, who was ordered a passage in the Racehorse, to join the Winchester, at Jamaica, for conduct towards Commander Oldrey, having a tendency to bring him into disrespect as an officer of his Majesty's navy. Several of the officers of the Racehorse were examined by the court, which, after sitting four days, adjudged Commander Williams to be fully acquitted.

16 Mar 1831 reported to be at Barbadoes.

14 Jul 1831 arrived Jamaica from Barbadoe.

22 Nov 1931 arrived Portsmouth, from the West Indies, last from the Havannah, Capt. B. Clement, in command.

20 Mar 1835 receiving ship at Sheerness.

1844 Renamed St Laurence or St Lawrence.

20 Dec 1848 Receiving ship, Sheerness, as St Lawrence, per Navy List.