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Sheerness, 1800
Type: Hired cutter ; Armament 10
Hired : 1800 ; Disposal date or year : 1801

Circa Jun 1800 Lieutenant I. H. Talbot has taken the command of the Sheerness hired cutter, at Sheerness.

3 Jan 1801 departed Plymouth with the hired brig Lady Charlotte and a convoy for the Downs.

16 Mar 1801 the Sheerness and Lady Charlotte arrived Spithead with a Danish East Indiaman, from China to Copenhagen, of 1400 tons and 18 guns, with teas supposedly called the Crown Prince, which they had detained off Portland or off St. Alban's Head, depending on source, when in company with the Scout.

29 Mar 1801 captured, Cape La Hogue bearing south six leagues, a French cutter privateer named La Pluton, Charles La Nieve, Captain, mounting one four-pounder, besides muskets, manned with 14 men ; she had captured the evening before, to the westward of Portland, the Friendship brig, from London, bound to Dublin. His Majesty's armed brig Lady Charlotte having parted company from me in chase the same night, I am led to hope he has retaken her. [Subsequent research indicates that the Friendship was retaken by Hired Cutter Union.]

20 Apr 1801 weighed from Weymouth Roads at five A.M. on seeing the signal for an enemy on Portland, in Company with the hired brig Lady Charlotte ; saw the French lugger privateer Le Prefect de la Manche, Captain Le Froment, mounting sixteen two-pounders, manned with forty-nine men, to the westward, and her prize to the southward ; as it was nearly calm, I judged I should not come up with her, and went in chase of her prize ; sent the mate in the gig, who, at seven P.M. boarded her near Alderney. She proves to be the Soker schooner of Colchester, in ballast. This morning, 21 Apr., at half past ten, I discovered the lugger and 4 sail to the westward ; Lieut. Morris, of the Lady Charlotte, used every exertion, and was successful in recapturing them ; at half past two I hailed the lugger, and, as he would not bring to, fired several shot at him, when after carrying away several of her sails, she struck without firing at us. Lieut. Morris will inform you of the particulars of his recaptures. I am concerned to have to state, one Englishman was killed, and one wounded in the cabin of the lugger. The good conduct of Mr. James Bellard, Mate, I beg leave to point out, who has on all occasions conducted himself to my satisfaction. I shall, on my arrival at Plymouth, to which port, the wind being easterly, I judged it prudent to put into, use every exertion to put to sea, and follow the orders you have given me.

22 Apr 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound.

Sheerness, 1803-05
Type: Hired cutter ; Armament 10
Hired : 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1805

22 May 1803 in company with the Archer, captured the Sloop Le Pierre.

9 Sep 1803 the capture of two chasse-marée - well worth a read.

29 Nov 1803 the Ardent, Robert Winthrop, Esq., Captain, destroyed the French Ship La Bayonnoise when in company with the Tonnant, Malta, Spartiate, Spencer, Dragon, and Naiad, and the Sheerness Hired Cutter.

5 May 1804 captured the French privateer Alfred on the East Indies station.

13 Feb 1805 re-captured the Barzillai.

May 1805 Channel

1 Dec 1805 salvage monies resulting from the re-capture of the Barzillai due to be paid.

Mar 1811 Channel. Despite the above, ie no apparent mentions since 1805, this vessel is still included in Steel's List of the Royal Navy for Mar 1811 and Rif Winfields sources suggest her hire was terminated in 1805 ; suggest Rif's and sources ie David Hepper and Fred Ditmarr are probably more reliable.