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Southampton, 1757
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32
Launched on the River Thames in 1757 ;
Disposal date or year : 27 Nov 1812
Disposal Details : Wrecked on a reef of rocks, near Conception island : crew saved. Captain Sir Jas. Lucas Yeo
Tons (BM) : 671

14 Jul 1793 departed with the Channel fleet from St. Helen's. On the 18th to the west of the Scilly Isles and subsequent manoeuvres.

31 Jul 1793 briefly sighted, but was unable to close the French fleet ; returned to Torbay on 10 Aug.

23 Aug 1793 the Channel Fleet departed to escort the Newfoundland trade, West Indian convoys in home waters.

27 Oct 1793 departed in search of the French fleet and squadrons. 18 Nov brief skirmish with a French squadron : by mid-December the fleet had returned to Spithead.

2 May - 1 Jun 1794 Departure of the Channel Fleet from St. Helen's, off the Isle of Wight. The lead up to and actions and manoeuvres with the French fleet on 29 May - 1 Jun., resulting in the capture of six sail of the line and one sunk.

13 June 1794, the major part of the fleet arrived at Spithead with the prizes, with 9 ships being sent to Plymouth.

14 Feb 1795 the Channel fleet departed from Torbay for a brief cruise and to see various convoys safe out of the Channel.

Circa 8 Aug 1795, Captain Nelson on a cruise along the coast of Italy with a small squadron, including the Southampton. On the 26th, in the vicinity of Vado, the boats of the squadron cut out or destroyed a number of vessels, without the loss of a man.

29 Sep 1795 Southampton off Genoa ; the French frigates, 36-gun Vestale and 28-gun Brune, corvettes Alerte and Scout, etc., departed Genoa for Toulon. An inconclusive engagement took place between the Southampton and the Vestale sufficiently damaging the former to permit the French squadron to make their escape.

9 Jun 1796 while cruising with the Mediterranean fleet, before Toulon, the Southampton captured the French ship-corvette Utile, of 24-guns. The Utile was taken into the RN under her present name.

29 Jan 1797 Porto-Ferrajo. Minerve, accompanied by the Romulus, Southampton and Dido frigates, Dolphin and Dromedary store-ships, two sloops, and 12 transports, departed for Gibraltar, where she was to meet the Minerve on 10 Feb.

14 Feb 1797 Jervis's action with the Spanish off Cape St Vincent.

31 Mar 1797 departed from Lisbon to blockade Cadiz.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. John Harvey. In the West Indies.

9 Jun 1800 captured the French privateer Hirondelle on the Leeward Island station.

Circa 21 Jun - 27 Jul 1799 a small Spanish tartanne, from Cadiz bound to Vera Cruz, having on board 350 cases of quicksilver, and some dry goods, taken by the Southampton.

Twixt 16 Jan and 26 Jan 1801 the packet Leicester arrived at Nevis, where she found the Southampton and Hornet. The Leicester reported that she departed Tortola under escort of the Southampton, in company with the merchant brig Dart. The day after they sailed the Southampton recaptured the Harmony sloop, bound from Philadelphia to Cuba, captured by a French privateer.

Circa 11 Feb 1801 the Lady Arabella packet, Capt Portens, departed Barbadoes for Martinique where the Venus, Gaité, Arab and Calcutta were lying, she then proceeded to Dominica, where she found the Tamar and reportedly the Gaité again. The latter then accompanied her to Antigua, and in the process recaptured a schooner and sloop which had been taken by a French privateer, which had also captured an English letter of marque. The Leviathan was at Antigua, which sailed shortly after her arrival. The packet then departed for St. Kitt's where she found the Hornet, with the Southampton and Arab, the latter convoying the packet to Tortola, and sailed for England on 6 Mar, where she arrived on 3 Apr.

30 Mar 1801 with the Diana, and Amphitrite, blockading the Island of St Thomas in order to prevent succour from being thrown in, and to anchor close off the town, to be in readiness to attack the forts, if requisite.

5 Apr 1801 at St Thomas's the Southampton with the Coromandel, Arab and Calcutta.

12 Apr 1801 the Magicienne was at Barbadoes with a French privateer brig L'Impatient, her prize, when the Falmouth packet Townshend arrived Barbadoes from the Leeward Isles. The Townshend departed Barbadoes for Martinique, where she found the Unity frigate, and Cayenne (Cyane) sloop of war, the latter accompanying her to Dominica : at Antigua she found the Southampton, and at St Kitt's L'Aimable frigate, with the Actaeon Danish brig of war, which had been captured at St Thomas's, and also found the Amphitrite frigate, and Daphne, 20, putting together a convoy for England. After landing her mails at the several West India Islands she arrived at Tortola on 5th May. Whilst at Tortola the Townshend observed the Amphitrite and Daphne pass by with a convoy for England. 8 May the Townshend departed Tortola accompanied by HM ship Hornet. [Regret the absence of some dates, but not always given, so have given details provided so that with a map you can give the details some background.]

21 Oct 1801 the Falmouth packet Lord Charles Spencer arrived Barbadoes, and after departing Barbadoes, regret no dates given, arrived at Martinique where he found the Leviathan, Osprey and Surinam, and after delivering mail at the several Leeward Isles, arrived at Tortola on 14 Nov., where he found the Southampton, which departed that place on the 16th, with the packet in company.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain Dunn, of the Fairy, to the Southampton, vice Garnier, deceased.

Circa 26 Dec 1801 Captain Fanshawe, son of the Commissioner of Plymouth dock-yard, is made a Post-Captain, and appointed to the Southampton frigate.

4 Sep 1802 came into Plymouth Sound after a passage of six weeks from Jamaica the Sanspareil, 84, Captain Essington ; Southampton, 32, Capt Cole ; Arab, 24, Capt Fanshawe ; and Reynard, 24, Captain Adlam (acting). They spoke the Tigre, 84, Captain Jackson, from Malta, bound up channel, all well. As the Nereide, 36, Captain R. Mends, and Plover, 18, sailed about the same time, these ships may be hourly expected.

6 Sep 1802 arrived Spithead the Southampton frigate, Captain Cole, from Jamaica, last from Plymouth.

17 Sep 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off, HM ship Southampton.

24 Sep 1802 paid off at Portsmouth this morning, and laid up in ordinary.

Circa 16 Jun 1804 Lieut O B Greene promoted to Commander.

12 Jun 1804 the Ajax and Southampton have been taken into dock at Portsmouth to be repaired in preparation for being commissioned.

10 Jan 1810 departed the Downs.

6 Feb 1811 fitting at Portsmouth for the West Indies.

20 Feb 1811 gave instructions at Spithead to the West India convoy, but detained as more ships are expected from the Downs.

11 Apr 1811 arrived Portsmouth from convoy duties.

2-3 Feb 1812 off what is now Haiti, captured the pirate ship Améthyste, late French frigate Félicité

Mid-Late 1812 cruised, for several weeks, along the southern coast of the United States.

Jamaica late 1812. The storm of the 12th and 13th inst. we learn was not so severe at Cuba and New Providence as at this island. The Southampton frigate, then at sea, sustained some damage, having carried away her main top-mast, and sprung her bowsprit.