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Speedy, 1782
Type: Brig / Ship sloop ; Armament 14 x long 4 pdr
Launched : 1782 ; Disposal date or year : Jun 1801
Disposal Details : Captured, in June, by a French squadron under Rear-admiral Linois. Captain Lord Cochrane Vol iii, Appendix No 16
BM: 208 tons
Complement: 54

30 Sep 1793 Bedford departed from Toulon for Genoa with the Captain and brig Speedy, arriving off Genoa on 5 Oct and captured the French 36-gun frigate Modeste, and two armed tartans : Modeste was taken into the RN.

Circa 8 Aug 1795, Captain Nelson on a cruise along the coast of Italy with a small squadron, including the Speedy. On the 26th, in the vicinity of Vado, the boats of the squadron cut out or destroyed a number of vessels, without the loss of a man.

23 Apr 1796 the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, and Peterel, detached to cruise off Vado.

By 31 May 1796 Commodore Nelson's squadron, augmented by the Blanche, and Speedy, Captain Thomas Elphinstone.

31 May 1796 Oneglia. The boats from a part of Cdre. Nelson's squadron, despite heavy fire, bring off 6 heavily laden transports.

1 Aug 1797 captured the Spanish privateer El Domini Lucus, lugger, 2 guns, 12 swivels 28 men, twenty leagues S. W. of Oporto.

13 Sep 1797 captured the Spanish privateer Palma, schooner, 2 guns, 4 swivels, 28 men, off Ville de Conde, on the Lisbon station.

21 Dec 1797 captured the Spanish privateer Pilgrim, lugger, 3 guns, 22 men on the Lisbon Station.

1 Jan 1798 captured the Spanish privateer La Oliva, schooner 4 guns, 12 swivels 40 men, on the Lisbon Station.

3 Feb 1798 long and indecisive engagement with the French privateer Papillon.

15 Mar 1798 captured the Spanish privateer St. Jose, alias El Gavelan, lugger 6 guns, 44 men, on the Lisbon station.

9 Aug 1799 the capture of three armed Spanish vessels with the assistance of the privateer Defender.

3 Oct 1799 attack on Spanish coasters off Algesiras.

6 Nov 1799 stout defence of her convoy following an attack by Spanish gunboats off Algesiras.

11 May 1800 captured the French privateer Intrépide in the Mediterranean.

19 Jul 1800 captured the French privateer Constitution in the Mediterranean.

Circa 1 Aug 1800 Lord Cochrane is promoted to the rank of Master and Commander, and appointed to the Speedy sloop of war.

15 Dec 1800 captured on the Mediterranean station the French Ship L'Egrega, laden with Barilla : drove ashore and totally wrecked, on the Mediterranean station a French Bombard, Name unknown.

24 Dec 1800 Captured off Carthagena, on the Mediterranean station the Spanish Tartan Madone, laden with Wine, and sent to Mahon, but not since heard of.

20 Jan 1801 captured off Barcelona on the Mediterranean station the Ligurian. Ship St. Antonio, in Ballast.

22 Jan 1801 captured off Barcelona on the Mediterranean station the Spanish Brig Ecce Homo, and the French Ship La Amitie, both laden with Barilla.

24 Feb 1801 the French brig La Caroline, of four guns, from Genoa bound to Alexandra, laden with ordnance stores; taken by the Speedy, Cochrane.

15 Apr 1801 departed a Spanish xebec of six guns, laden with sardinias : taken by the Speedy, Cochrane.

4 May 1801 a Spanish pinco, of two guns, laden with corn, oil, &c. from Majoica bound to Barcelona ; taken by the Speedy, Cochrane.

Early Apr 1801 escaped capture by the 32-gun xebec Gamo by a ruse. 6 May 1801 captured the Gamo.

9 Jun 1801 captured 3 merchant vessels having sunk a number of protecting armed vessels and silenced a shore battery.

3 Jul 1801 captured by a squadron under Rear-admiral Linois.

Circa 7 Jul 1801 officers from the Speedy given their parole.

2 Jan 1802 letters received at Plymouth from Gibraltar, dated the 16th of November, state the safe arrival there, with part of the Straits fleet, of the Racoon, 18, Captain Rathbone. She and the convoy experienced dreadful weather on their outward-bound passage, in the Bay of Biscay. The Racoon fell in with, steering for Brest, his Majesty's late ships of war Hannibal, 74, and Speedy, 14 ; the former taken in Algesiras Bay by Admiral Linois, and the latter by Gantheaume's squadron in the Straits ; they were both under jury-masts and French colours : found the British fleet at Gibraltar all well.