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Sphinx, 1775
Type: Sloop ; Armament 20
Launched at Portsmouth, in 1775 ;
Disposal date or year : 1811
Tons (BM) : 431

25 May 1796 south of Cape Aiguilles the Sphynx, Captain George Brisac, was sighted by a French squadron and chased by the frigate Régénérée for the best part of a day.

17 Aug 1796 Simon's bay, Cape of Good Hope. Was present at the capitulation of the Dutch squadron, greatly out-gunned by a much larger British squadron.

2 Dec 1796 The Crescent, Captain John William Spranger, accompanied by the frigate Braave, and 20-gun ship Sphynx, took possession of and destroyed the French settlement on Foul Point in the island of Madagascar ; bringing away with him five merchant vessels that were lying in the road..

1 Jan 1799 Capt. T. Alexander. On the Cape of Good Hope station.

14 Feb 1799 was reported to be at St Helena.

14 May 1799 a court martial held at Portsmouth, on board HM ship Gladiator, for the trial of the Right Hon. Lord Augustus Fitzroy, Captain of HM ship Sphynx, for disobedience of orders and misconduct, in not bringing home, under his convoy, the East Indiamen and other trade belonging to the East India Company lying at St. Helena. After having heard read Commodore Losack's orders, and a long correspondence between his Lordship, Governor Brooke, and the captains of the several Indiamen, the Court, after a most animated defence from his Lordship, sat in deliberation upwards of three hours, and ordered that he should be dismissed from his present ship.

Circa May 1799 Captain Oughton, of the Hecla bomb, is appointed to the command of the Sphinx sloop, vice Lord Augustus Fitzroy.

May 1805 Portsmouth in Ordinary