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Surveillante, 1803
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Taken : 30 Nov 1803 ; Disposal date or year : 1814
BM: 1094 tons

Surveillante, measured at Jamaica 1235 tons - Measured in England 1094 tons bm
30 Nov 1803 (Vol iii, Appendix No 23).

30 Nov 1803 the capture of the French 40-gun frigates Surveillante and Clorinde as they departed Cape-François, St.-Domingo, and the rescue, by the ship's boats, of the latter and her 900 occupants, after she'd grounded on rocks whilst leaving. Both frigates were subsequently taken into the Service.

May 1805 Jamaica Station

15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier and the subsequent bearer of the despatches.

3 Dec 1809 captured the French privateer Comptesse Laure at sea.

5 Sep 1810 Surveillante and Constant, whilst reconnoitring the Loire, chased a French convoy, the boats of the former cutting out a brig, supported by the latter.

6 Sep 1810 off the river Crache, the ship's boats were sent in to destroy a watchtower and battery, which was achieved with no loss.

1 May 1811 captured the French privateer Creole on the Home station.

Plymouth 20 Jul 1811 Appointed to take the convoy for Corunna.

Plymouth 27 Jan 1812 Reportedly in chase of a French squadron.

Portsmouth 5 Feb 1812 Reported to be cruising in search of the three French frigates.

Plymouth 22 Feb 1812 arrived from Corunna with a convoy, onboard of which were 300 deserters from the French armies in Spain.

Cawsand Bay 25 Feb 1812 Struck by lightning in the storm, and an officer and some men were temporarily stupefied, but no lives were lost.

Jun-Aug 1812 details of various operations carried out by the Venerable, Magnificent, Surveillante, Rhin, Medusa and Lyra, in collaboration with the Spanish off the north coast of Spain in expelling the French from their country.

Plymouth 26 Jan 1813 Recaptured and sent in the Portuguese ship Calypso, of Oporto, from the Brazils.

Plymouth 24 Feb 1813 Detained and sent in the American brig Rolla.

Plymouth 2 Apr 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Elizabeth, from New York for Bourdeaux.

27 Apr 1813 the Surveillante and Lyra captured a U.S. privateer, the 6 gun schooner Tom, with 36 men. Plymouth 5 May 1813 has sent in the American schooner, Tom, from Charleston, bound to Bourdeaux.

May - Aug 1813 Surveillante, Lyra, Royalist and Sparrow, stationed off the north coast of Spain to assist the patriots.

1 Jun 1813 captured a U.S. privateer, the 6 gun schooner Orders.

Passages 25 Dec 1813 Remains.

Plymouth 27 Jan 1814 has re-taken and sent in the Zephyr, Pratt, from Cadiz, captured by the American privateer Rattlesnake.

Plymouth 29 Jan 1814 arrived from off St. Sebastian's.

Deal 22 Feb 1814 arrived with allied prisoners, escaped from the French prisons, through Holland.

For further information see the National Archives catalogue where extracts of some of these documents can be ordered :

ADM 35 11 Jul 1804 - 30 Sep 1806 Pay Books
ADM 35 19 Mar 1807 - 21 Mar 1814 Pay Books
ADM 36 Jul 1804 - Feb 1806 Ships' Musters
ADM 37 Apr 1807 - Mar 1814 Ships' Musters
ADM 51 18 Jul 1804 - 30 Sep 1806 Captains' Logs
ADM 51 22 Apr 1807 - 21 Mar 1814 Captains' Logs
ADM 52 various Masters' logs