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Swallow, 1805
Type: Brig ; Armament 18
Launched : 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1815

May 1805 Building.

16 Nov 1807 captured the French privateer Friedland on the Home station.

19 Apr 1810 captured the French privateer General Ottawy in the Mediterranean.

7 Jun 1811 Swallow and Euryalus captured the French privateer Entrepide off Corsica.

26 Jul 1811 captured the French privateer Belle Genoise.

Plymouth 23 Oct 1811 departed with a convoy for Lisbon, but separated in hazy weather.

11 Jun 1812 action, in shore, off the island of Sainte-Marguerite, by the Swallow, with the French brig-corvette Renard and schooner Goéland, when in the company of the America and Curaçoa.

5 Sep 1813 a part of a squadron involved in operations in and off the port of D'Anzo.

16 Sep 1813 boats of the Swallow capture the armed French brig Guerrier off the port of D'Anzo.

Cadiz 19 Aug 1814 Expected to sail with a convoy of transports for Spithead.

Plymouth 20 Sep 1814 Has departed up the Channel with a convoy.

Portsmouth 21 Sep 1814 arrived from Malta, and is under quarantine.

Falmouth 4 Oct 1814 departed on a cruise.