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Swallow, <-1793-1830->
Type: Revenue Lugger / Cutter ;

N.B. These notes may well cover more than one vessel.

April 1793 captured a French privateer, name unknown.

27 Apr 1793 Swallow, in company with the Alarm,32, captured the French privateer Enfant de la Patrie.

16 Aug 1796 Lion, accompanied by the Swallow, captured a French privateer, name unknown, off Beachy Head.
The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Admiralty-Office, August 20, 1796.
Copy of a Letter from Admiral Peyton, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships aud Vessels in the Downs, to Mr. Nepean, dated 19 August 1796.
Sir, Have received a Letter from the Master of HM hired Armed Cutter Lion, dated the 17th Instant, which acquaints me that on the 16th, Beachy Head bearing E.N.E. Four Leagues, Signal being made of an Enemy at the Signal-Post, the Lion, together with the Swallow Revenue Cutter, chased a Lugger and a Sloop, re-captured the Sloop, and took the Lugger ; found her to be a French Privateer, with Swivels and Small Arms, and 17 Men, Three Days from St. Valory's, and had not taken any thing but the above Sloop. I am, &c. Jos. Peyton.

27 Aug 1796 captured the French privateer Petit Diable off Fairleigh.
The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Extract of a Letter from Thomas Lamb, Esq; Mayor of Rye, to Evan Nepean, Esq., Secretary of the Admiralty, dated Rye, August 28, 1796.
I Have the Honor to inform you, that this Morning Captain Amos, of the Swallow Cutter in the $ervice of His Majesty's Revenue, brought into this Port a French Privateer, called Petit Diable, of the Burthen of Six Tons, belonging to Calais, which he captured last Night off Farleigh. The Crew consisted of the First and Second Captain and Twelve Men.

1 Jan 1799 Commander = T Amos ; 14 guns ; 165 tons ; 32 men ; station : Gravesend to the Isle of Wight.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

28 Aug 1799 capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector, in the New Diep, in Holland.

26 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed the following revenue cutters on a secret service, viz. Repulse, Captain Mannings ; Greyhound, Captain Wilkinson ; Swan, Captain Ferris ; Rose, Captain Yeats ; Falcon, Chief Mate Warton ; Dolphin, Captain Johns ; and Swallow, Captain Amos.

10 Feb 1801 the Swedish ship Archimboldus has been sent in by the Swift ; she was bound from Denia to Altona, with a cargo of raisins.

7 Oct 1801 the revenue cutter Swallow, Capt Amos, has detained and sent into Portsmouth the Thetis lugger, loaded with 400 kegs of spirits etc.

24 Feb 1802 prize money resulting from the capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector due to be paid.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

20 Nov 1802 yesterday the Swallow revenue cutter seized off Beachy Head the Fox cutter of Hastings, laden with 370 kegs of liquor, 43 bales of tobacco, and four cases of cards.

22 Mar 1803 remain in the Downs the frigates Ambuscade, Amelia, Hydra, Minerva, Pique, Cumberland ; sloop Jalouse ; gun brigs Vixen, Snipe and Archer ; and revenue cutters Stag, Lively, Swallow and Tartar.

7 Apr 1803 departed the Downs this morning to the Northward, the Isis, R.-Adm Thornborough, and Capt Lobb, in company with the Hydra, Capt Mundy ; Minerve, Capt Kittoe ; and the revenue cruisers Swallow, Lively, and Tartar.

8 Jun 1803 remain in the Downs, the frigates Leda and Hydra ; the gun brig Vixen ; revenue cutters Stag and Swallow, the latter just arrived from the squadron off Goree, where she left the Gelykheid, Amelia, Raisonable, Penelope, and Locust.

19 Feb 1808 in Company with HM Ship Port Mahon, and Swallow, Falcon, and Hawke Revenue Cutters, captured the French privateer La Revanche.
The following appeared in the London Gazette:
HM Gun-Brig Hardy, off Little Hampton, February 19, 1808.
Sir, I beg Leave to acquaint you, that at Eight o'Clock this Morning, Beachy Head bearing E. by N. about Five Leagues, I discovered a Lugger close in Shore, and made Sail in chace of her. Shortly after observed a Revenue Cutter also in Chace, astern of us; and from her superior Sailing, came up with her sirst. Two other Cutters joined in the Chace. At Ten Minutes past Eleven she struck, and proved to be La Revois , Captain Friesmanton, mounting Sixteen Guns, from Two to Six-Pounders, and Forty-eight Men ; left Dieppe on the 18th Instant, and had made no Capture. I have the Honour to be, &c. (Signed) Steph. Perdrieau.
To George Montagu, Esq; Admiral of the White, &c.

There would appear to have been a few language difficulties as she was subsequently described as Revanche.

Gosport, January 2, 1809.
Notice is hereby given, that an Account of the Proceeds received for the Capture of La Revanche French Privateer, ----- Friefimanton, Commander, by HM Brig Hardy, Stephen Perdriean, Esq., Commander, (in Company with HM Ship Port Mahon, and Swallow, Falcon, and Hawke Revenue Cutters,) on the 19 Feb 1808, will be delivered into the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, agreeably to Act of Parliament. Hurry, Jukes, and Co.

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1814 Has seized and sent into a boat with 67 kegs of foreign geneva, and four men.

Per Navy List circa 31 Dec 1814 shown to be armed with 14 guns as a Revenue cruiser under the command of Wm. Blake, and responsible to the English Board.

Dover 8 Nov 1815 Has taken and sent in the Abeona lugger, of Hastings, with 260 casks of foreign spirits onboard, and the crew sent on board a man of war.

27 Feb 1821 chased and was in action with a smuggling vessel 30 miles off the coast of Northumberland for three quarters of an hour, following which the smugglers lowered a boat and disappeared in the darkness of the night. The names of smugglers from the South of England were discovered onboard, along with gin, tobacco and tea. Two men on board the Swallow were wounded, whilst at least one man was killed and others wounded on board the smuggler.

22 Oct 1824 arrived Falmouth from Plymouth.

5 Jan 1825 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

1 Jan 1825 Lt Reed, arrived Falmouth from a cruise.

c 13 Sep 1825 departed Falmouth. [date and destination unreadable].

1830 Revenue Vessel - Ireland.

Weymouth 29 Mar 1835 the Hound, revenue cutter, is reported to have got onshore on Weymouth sand on Friday night ; the Swallow, revenue cutter, in going to her assistance also got on shore, the wind being dead on shore. The prospects of recovering either vessel appear remote should the state of the sea not improve.

Portsmouth 18 Apr 1835 the revenue cutter Swallow has been raised and taken for repairs into Weymouth harbour, but attempts to raise the revenue cutter Hound, using a buoy boat, the Lively cutter, and 2 dockyard lumps, have not been successful.

NB I have no knowledge regarding when vessels were built or broken up for the Revenue Service, so these notes may well cover one or more vessels.