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Swiftsure, 1787
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74 ;
Launched : 1787 ; Disposal date or year : 24 Jun 1801
Disposal Details : Captured by a French squadron, Rear-admiral Ganteaume Mediterranean (Vol iii, Appendix No 16)
BM: 1621 tons
Complement: 584

5 May 1794 Swiftsure, Captain Charles Boyles, and St.-Albans, a few days out from Cork: capture of the French frigate Atalante by the former, which was purchased for the use of the British navy.

21 Mar 1796 in company with the Swiftsure, Leviathan, Africa, Ceres, Severn, Iphigenia, Cormorant, Lark, and Le Serin, at the capture of the schooner Charlotte and Brig Sally.

21 Mar 1796 St.-Domingo, W.I., a squadron, including the Swiftsure arrived off town of Léogane with troops, with a view to reducing the area, but was found to be too strongly defended : however an attempt on Bombarde proved successful.

18 Jan 1798 Swiftsure, Theseus, and others captured the French the privateers L'Heureux, La Harmonie, and Le Hypomene on the Lisbon station.

24 May 1798 departed from off Cadiz with a squadron of 10 ships of the line to join Nelson's squadron in the Mediterranean, arriving 7 Jun.

7 Jun 1798 the search for the French fleet.

1 Aug 1798 the preparation for the Battle of the Nile.

1 Aug 1798 Battle of the Nile.

11 Aug 1798 arrived off the mouth of the Nile with the French corvette La Fortune, 18, and 70 men.

19 Aug 1798 the Zealous, Goliath, Swiftsure, Seahorse, Emerald, Alcmène, and Bonne-Citoyenne, leave Aboukir Bay to cruise off the port of Alexandria.

2 Sep 1798 the French cutter Anémone, from Malta, run on shore near the tower of Marabou to avoid British boats, only to be met by Arabs. The ships boats sent off from the Swiftsure and Emerald to recover the cutter, now breaking up in the surf, rescued the cutter's commanding officer and 4 seamen to the bravery of a midshipman.

From 25 Oct 1798 the Swiftsure's men and boats, with Turkish gunboats, attack French positions in the bay of Aboukir.

End of the year 1798 remains stationed off Alexandria.

2 Feb 1799 relieved and departed from off Alexandria.

18 Mar 1799 arrived at Palermo from off Alexandria. 31st detached to blockade the port of Naples.

17 May 1799 joined Nelson at Palermo.

13 Jun-mid Aug 1799 departed from off Palermo for a cruise, arriving Naples 24th, where crews were involved in operations ashore.

17 Feb 1800 Gibraltar, B. Hallowell, Esq. Captain of the Swiftsure, married Miss Inglefield, daughter of J. N. Inglefield, Esq., Commissioner of his Majesty's Navy at that port.

5-7 Apr 1800 captured the Spanish frigates Carmen and Florentina, which were purchased into the Service, and merchant vessels from a convoy.

30 Nov 1800 anchored off Port Mahon with Adm. Keith onboard, planning and preparing to apprehend the French in Egypt. It appears that there were some concerns for the condition of the Swiftsure, so it would appear that the French didn't gain much when they captured her in the new year.

31 Dec 1800 in sight of the Tigre, on the Mediterranean station, when she detained the Genoese Polacre Conception, laden with rice, sugar, coffee, and sena, from Alexandria bound to Marseilles.

8 Jan 1801 the Penelope, in Sight of the Swiftsure, Tigre, Minotaur, Northumberland, Malta Schooner, and Florentin, captured, on the Mediterranean station, French Bombard St. Roche, laden with Wine, Liqueurs, Iron Ware, Delfth Cloth, and various other Merchandize, from Marseilles bound to Alexandria.

31 Jan 1801 anchored Marmorice on the coast of Karamania. 2 Mar 1801 arrived in Aboukir bay. 7 Mar 1801 commenced opposed landing of troops, seamen, artillery and stores.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay one officer, Midshipman John Finchley, and two seaman were wounded.

21 Mar 1801 of those employed on shore were killed and wounded in action in Aboukir Bay 1 officer, Lieutenant Lewis Davis, and 4 seaman wounded.

7 Apr 1801 a letter from the Swiftsure off Alexandria commences : "We have, in our endeavours to keep off the shore, been obliged to carry sail to such a degree as nearly to tear our ships to pieces ; and we received further proof of the impossibility of forming an effectual blockade of any port, even in this fine country. On the night of our return from the offing we spoke the Pearl frigate, bringing us advice of the sailing of a French squadron of 7 sail of the line, a frigate, 2 sloops, and 2 store ships, for this place, having 7,000 troops, and 3 generals on board. Lord Keith has been busy preparing the Stately for the line, and our force now consists of the Foudroyant, 84 ; Tigre, 80 ; Ajax, Northumberland, Swiftsure, Kent, and Minotaur, 74 ; Stately, 64, and several small vessels.

24 Jun 1801 chased and captured by a French squadron bound for Egypt, off the Barbary Coast.

18 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's frigate Genereux, at Mahon, trying Captain B. Hallowell, of his Majesty's late ship Swiftsure for quitting his convoy, put under his charge by Lord Keith ; and also for the loss of the ship, when, after a minute investigation into all the circumstances, the Court passed the following sentence on Captain Hallowell, and his ship's company.
"The Court were of opinion, and it appeared to them, from the narrative of Captain Hallowell, supported by the best possible evidence to be obtained, that the convoy, under Captain Hallowell's charge, was of very little importance in any point of view ; that his determination to leave the said convoy, and join Sir John Warren, was dictated by sound judgment and zeal for the service of his King and Country ; and the Court were farther of opinion, that the loss of his Majesty's late ship Swiftsure, was unavoidable, and that the conduct of Captain Hallowell, his Officers, and ship's company, in defence of the Swiftsure, was highly meritorious, and that Captain Hallowell displayed great judgment in the mode he adopted, to avoid so superior a force, and equal gallantry in the execution of the plan so formed ; they did therefore adjudge, that they be honourably acquitted, and they were honourably acquitted accordingly."