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Tagus, 1813
Type: 5th rate ; 38
Renamed : 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1822

Falmouth 1 Dec 1813 arrived yesterday.

Falmouth 7 Dec 1813 arrived and got under weigh with the convoy for Brazil.

5-6 Jan 1814 Niger and Tagus, with a convoy in company, discovered the French 40-gun frigates Cérès and Clorinde, off the Cape de Verds, and departed in chase, eventually capturing the Cérès, which, being a new frigate of 1074 tons, was added to the British navy, under the name of Seine.

Portsmouth 15 Jul 1815 arrived from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 19 Nov 1815 Will go out of Portsmouth harbour on 22 Nov and sail the following day for the Mediterranean station, wind and weather permitting.

Portsmouth 7 Dec 1815 departed for the Mediterranean station.