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Tamar, 1814
Type: ; Armament 26
Launched : 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 1831

12 Nov 1814 is ready at Sheerness for service.

23 Nov 1814 arrived Spithead from the River.

25 Dec 1814 departed Spithead for Plymouth.

5 Mar 1815 arrived Halifax, N.S., from Plymouth, with despatches for Sir John Sherbrooke.

16 Mar 1815 departed Halifax, possibly with the Kangaroo and Arab, and possibly escorting the two transports Hope and Union, with American prisoners for Salem, who all departed the same day ?

circa 28 Feb 1816 arrived Spithead from the Cape of Good Hope.

21 Apr 1817, departed Spithead for St. John's, Newfoundland.

20 May 1817, arrived St. John's, Newfoundland.

18 Jun 1817, arrived Halifax ?

30 Sep 1818, at St. John's, Newfoundland, Lt. Hector Munroe Fenton, RN, drowned.

13 Jul 1819 went ashore in a thick fog on Barge-point, in the straits of Bellisle, coast of Labrador, and was eventually got off after the ship was lightened.

Cadiz 20 Nov 1819 arrived from Newfoundland with a small convoy.

Cadiz 22 Nov 1819 departed for England.

circa 1 Dec 1819 arrived Spithead from Newfoundland, last from Cadiz, where fever had been raging for some months. Was released from quarantine on Wednesday and has come into the harbour to be paid off, all standing.

22nd Jul 1820 reported to be loading specie at Havannah before proceeding to Jamaica.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the Jamaica Station, ie the Euryalus, Tamar, Confiance, Ontario, Bann, Parthian, Sophie, Nautilus, and Raleigh, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

No. 76C. E. Lefroy, Esq. to William Richard Hamilton, Esq. (Received April 22.) Surinam, February 8, 1822. I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt, yesterday the 7th instant, of your Letter, dated 25th October, 1821, informing me, by direction of the Secretary of State, that the Instructions referred to in the Treaty with The Netherlands for the prevention of the Slave Trade, which had been issued to His Majesty's Ship Euryalus, upon the West Indian Station, have been transferred from that Ship to His Majesty's Ship Tamar, of 16 guns, Captain Sir William Saltonstal Wiseman. I am, &c. William Richard Hamilton, Esq. Chris. Ed.W. Lefroy.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based in the West Indies.

20 Dec 1821 reported to have departed .

5 May 1823 It is reported at Havannah that the boats of the Tamar, with the Lion and Union tenders, had recently destroyed three piratical vessels.

6 Aug 1836 the I.N.S. Tigris struck on a patch of coral rock, about one mile to the north of Cape Croker (not laid down in the charts), and was only saved from going to pieces by the strength of her teak timbers. The surf broke clean over the gunwale, and she lost her rudder, fore-foot, the whole of her false keel, and twenty feet of her main keel. On the following day, the Tigris was steered into Raffles Bay by her head and after-sails. In 1824 a settlement had been formed here (and also at Port Cockburn in Melville Island) by Sir Gordon Bremer, of H.M.S. Tamar, which was abandoned in March. 1829, owing to the unhealthiness of the climate and the hostility of the natives. The only remains of the settlement were the debris of the fort and some railings. HistIndNav_p_28

1824 - 1826 Burmese War - medal awarded to surviving officers, seamen, and marines - "India, No. 1" that decoration, with clasp for "Ava"). See p. 250 at

4 May 1825 departed Bombay for Trincomalee.

29 May 1826 at Madras.

6 Jan 1827 in the East Indies.