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Tay, 1814
Type: Ship Sloop ; Armament 20
Launched : 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 11 Nov 1816
Disposal Details : Wrecked off the Alacranes, Gulf of Mexico : crew saved ; Captain Samuel Roberts, C.B

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1814 Is preparing for sea.

Portsmouth 28 Nov 1814 Went out of harbour.

Portsmouth 6 Dec 1814 departed for Plymouth.

Plymouth 9 Feb 1815 departed with a convoy for Bourdeaux.

Plymouth 25 Jul 1815 arrived from a cruise.

Port Royal 15 Jun 1816 Remains.

27 Jan 1817 Reported to have been wrecked 11 Nov 1816, off Campeachy, Gulf of Mexico, with 2 million dollars on board.

21 Apr 1817 court martial of 18 days on captain, officers and ship's company for the loss of the vessel.

Portsmouth 24 May 1817 It is reported that the Spanish Royalist corvette Valencey, Captain Varines, apparently sent to rescue the ship's company, attacked the shipwrecked men seeking shelter on Crane's Island, and stole the treasure being carried on board.

Portsmouth 5 Oct 1818 The Spanish are reported to have returned the specie that they stole following the wreck of this ship.