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Tenedos, 1812
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launched : 11 Apr 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 1875
BM: 1083 tons

Portsmouth 25 Aug 1812 Gives instructions to vessels waiting for the convoy to the Gulph of St. Lawrence, and Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 28 Aug 1812 departed with the convoy for Halifax &c.

24 Feb 1813, Tenedos, Captain Parker, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

21 Mar 1813 Shannon and Tenedos departed from Halifax on a cruise in Boston bay, and in April reconnoitred the harbour of Boston. 25 May detached the Tenedos

5 May 1813 the Nymphe, Shannon, Tenedos, and Emulous, captured the Schooner Ann on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

21 May 1813 the Tenedos and Curlew captured a U.S. privateer, the 4 gun schooner Enterprise, with 91 men.

24 May 1813 the Shannon, Tenedos, and Rattler captured the Schooner Postboy on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

24 Jun 1813 captured the brig North Star, when en route from St. Salvador, for the US.

28 Jun 1813, arrived Halifax, with her prize, the North Star.

22 Aug 1813 arrived Halifax, an English brig bound to Mirimachi, N.B., taken by the American privateer Fox, and re-captured by Hogue and Tenedos.

23 Oct 1813, arrived Halifax, with the Hogue and Manly, from a cruise.

Dec 1813 blockaded the port of Portsmouth, New-Hampshire, where the US frigate Congress was eventually to be laid up.

9 Jan 1814, the Tenedos, Capt. Parker, and Junon, Capt. Upton, arrive Halifax from a cruise.

21 Jan 1814, the Tenedos, and Anaconda, depart Halifax with a convoy for the W. Indies.

3 Apr 1814 Junon and Tenedos chased the US frigate Constitution off the port of Marblehead, but the US frigate, having started her water etc., made Marblehead.

11 May 1814, arrived Halifax, from Boston Bay.

3 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, a small American schooner, sent in by the Tenedos.

21 Jul 1814, put in to Liverpool, N.S., the schooner Antelope, from N. Carolina, for Portland.

25 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the schooner Antelope, from N. Carolina, for Portland, with naval stores and flour etc., detained by the Tenedos.

23 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, the brig Wanderer, captured by the privateer Invincible Napoleon, re-captured by the Tenedos.

26 Aug 1814 Dragon, Endymion, Bacchante, Sylph and 10 transports with troops, departed from Halifax, Nova-Scotia, for the river Penobscot. The expedition was joined on the 31st, off the Metinicus islands, by the Bulwark, Tenedos, Rifleman and Peruvian.

1-3 Sep 1814 the fleet came to anchor off the fort and town of Castine and on the 2nd the Peruvian, Sylph and ships' boats headed up the up the Penobscot looking for the frigate Adams, at Hamden, which was set on fire by the defending US forces before they escaped inland.

13 Jan 1815 Tenedos joined the squadron blockading New York.

14 Jan 1815 bad weather blew the squadron blockading New York out to sea, and it being surmised that the vessels blockaded in New York would have taken the opportunity to escape the squadron went in search.

15 Jan 1815 Majestic, Endymion, Pomone and Tenedos discovered the President 2 miles ahead and following a long chase she was eventually captured by the frigates, particularly the Endymion.

11 Mar 1815 departed New London for Halifax, the squadron having departed for England, as had the one based on the Chesapeake.

16 Mar 1815 arrived Halifax, from off New London.

Jul 1830 Woolwich.

2 Jul 1842 at Chatham, and reported to be fitting as a prison hulk for Bermuda.

3 Dec 1842 is to be brought forward as a convict ship to convey convicts to Bermuda.

1843 Convict hulk, Bermuda.

20 Dec 1848 Convict hulk, Bermuda.

1860 Convict hulk, Bermuda.

1870 Receiving hulk, Bermuda.