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Thunder, 1829
Type: Bomb ; Armament 12 reduced to 3 by 1846
Launched : 4 Aug 1829 ; Disposal date or year : 1851
BM: 372 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Paddle
Machinery notes: 160 hp

I note that considerable confusion appears in the media of the day with this vessel, the Thunder (a bomb), and the Thunderer (2nd rate), with this vessel often referred to as the Thunderer in the newspapers, whereas the Thunderer was operating thousands of miles away in the Mediterranean.

4 Aug 1829 Launched at Deptford ; designed to carry 10 carriage guns on deck, a 10-inch mortar forward ; and a 13-inch mortar aft. She will be the last but one vessel built in this yard : in future Deptford will be used as a receiving yard and arsenal.

Jul 1830 Woolwich.

1 Dec 1832 is to be taken to Chatham to be fitted out as a Surveying Vessel.

26 Jun 1833 arrived Portsmouth from Chatham.

9 Aug 1833 arrived Madeira.

12 Dec 1833 departed Jamaica on a cruise.

1 Jan 1834 On the North America and West Indies Station.

8 Jan 1835 reported to have arrived Jamaica.

28 Nov 1835 at Bermuda.

2 Nov 1835 arrived at Nassau.

2 May 1836 at Bermuda.

1 Mar 1837 at Old Providence ; ships on the station are reported to be generally healthy

Circa 1 Oct 1840 was at Bermuda.

1 Jan 1841 at Havannah.

3 Apr 1841 Purser Henry H. Chimmo, appointed to the Thunder.

27 Jun 1841 Portsmouth, arrived from the West Indies, and departed on the 29th for Chatham.

8 Jul 1841 arrived at Chatham on Saturday and was paid off on Tuesday.

24 Jul 1841 Commander Edward Barnett, re-appointed to the Thunder surveying vessel.

7 Aug 1841 Gunner Edward Sawyer, appointed to the Thunder.

15 Oct 1841 towed to the Nore by the Monkey.

13 Nov 1841 arrived Madeira, from the Downs, en route for the West Indies.

18 Jun 1842 at Havannah.

9 Aug 1842 at Bermuda.

24 Aug 1842 at Bermuda with her tender, the Lark.

1 Sep 1842 refitting at Bermuda, and under orders, with her tender, to depart for Nassau in early October.

25 Sep 1842 at Bermuda with her tender, the Lark, and were reported to be under orders to depart for Nassau shortly.

2 Nov 1842 at Nassau N.P.

6 Nov 1842 at Havannah.

1846 West Indies and North America Station.

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness.