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Tiger, 1849
Type: Sloop, 1852 rated 2nd class frigate. ; Armament 10
Launched : 1 Dec 1849 ; Disposal date or year : 12 May 1854
Disposal Details : Grounded under batteries near Odessa: taken and sank - raised and became Tigr (Russian)
BM: 1221 tons
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: 400 hp

Designed by Mr. J. Edye

20 Dec 1848 Steam sloop. Chatham building.

20 Jun 1851 Taken out of the Basin today, preparatory to being tried at sea.

13 Jul 1851 Steamed into Cork harbour from Portsmouth on Monday, conveying Captain Henderson, to inspect the Sidon, to ascertain whether the vessel is capable of taking out troops for the Cape.

17 Aug 1851 Recently tried by Captain Henderson and found to be crank, has been under the sheers and dismasted. Four feet have been cut off the heels of her fore and main masts.

22 Apr 1854 Samson, Furious, Terrible, Tiger, Retribution, Arethusa, French vessels and rocket boats attack the military works at Odessa, with the Sans Pareil and Highflyer in reserve - see p. 400-> at

28 Apr 1854 allied squadrons reconnoitred Eupatoria - see p. 401 at

29 Apr 1854 off Sebastopol - see p. 401 at

11 May 1854 Tiger, Niger and Vesuvius detached to cruise off Odessa resulting in the loss of the Tiger on the following day, due to the fog - see p. 403-> at