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Trent, 1877
Type: Gun Boat, 3rd Class, Coast Defence ; late Gunboat ; Armament 3
Launched : 1877 ; Disposal date or year : 1923
Displacement: 363 tons
Propulsion: Double Screw
Machinery notes: 380 hpi

1879 Sheerness. Tender to Duncan.

Apr 1886 Sheerness

1890 Sheerness. Tender to Wildfire. Officers borne in Wildfire

25 May 1891 whilst practising with a machine gun it is reported that the cartridges exploded in the hopper of the gun. Colour-Sergeant Young, Sergeant Elvins, and Private Robert Tripp were injured by pieces of cartridge and have been admitted to the Sick Bay at the RN Barracks at Sheerness.

Aug 1892, is to be employed as a tender to the new gunnery school attached to the RN Barracks at Sheerness. She is to be fitted with an electric search light and her armament is to be replaced by two 4-7in. quick-firing guns and her barque-rig by two pole masts.

Sep 1905 renamed PEMBROKE and acted as nominal ship for HMS PEMBROKE, aka RN Barracks Chatham. Also nominal ship for C-in-C The Nore, although flag actually flown ashore (see Navy List for Mar 1913). And, of course, since RNB Chatham hosted many training establishments etc., these were also covered by the PEMBROKE.

Jun 1917 renamed GANNET and used as a Diving Tender.