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Tuscan, 1808
Type: Brig sloop ; 16
Taken : 2 May 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1818
BM : 334 tons.

2 May 1808 Unité, cruising in the Gulf of Venice, captured the Italian brig-corvette Ronco. The Ronco, under the name of Tuscan, was accepted into the British navy.

31 Oct 1809 ship's boats of a part of the Mediterranean fleet attack and destroy or capture the remains of the convoy anchored in the bay of Rosas, under the protection of Fort-Trinidad.

Port Mahon 18 Aug 1811 Ordered to take a convoy of transports to the fleet off Toulon.

Portsmouth 11 Oct 1812 arrived yesterday with a convoy of transports, from Gibraltar.

26 May 1813 salvage received from the owners on the recapture of the two Spanish vessels El Correv Diligente de Carraccas and Nostra Senora de los Desemperados, [per London Gazette of 22 Jun 1821].

Tagus 1 Oct 1814 Remains.

Gibraltar 16 Dec 1814 departed on a cruize.

Portsmouth 29 Nov 1815 arrived from the westward.

28 Aug 1816 lying at Plymouth ; offered for sale.

Plymouth 8 Nov 1817 Moored as a breakwater, to shelter the workmen employed on the new pier.