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Uranie / Urania, 1797
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38 (originally long 18 pdrs, but reduced to 12 pdrs in later years)
Taken from the French off Ireland, by the Polyphemus, 5 Jan 1797. Late La Tortue. ;
Disposal date or year : 1807
Complement: 281

1 Jan 1799 Capt. C. H. Towry. In the Mediterranean.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, in Hamoaze, fitting for sea.

9 Apr 1799 Plymouth, went down into the Sound.

7 May 1799 in Plymouth, Sound,

18 May 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a short cruize.

4 Jun 1799 Plymouth, departed with close orders, to be opened in a certain latitude, the Uranie, San Fiorenzo, and Unicorn.

1 Jul 1799 off Basque road.

29 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruize. She dodged 6 French frigates out of Brest, as far as the Isle of Oleron, when they separated into two divisions and steered different courses.

1 Sep 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Torbay.

27 Sep 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest the Uranie, 44, Indefatigable, 44, Nymphe, 36, and Childers, 14.

3 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived departed for Torbay the Uranie.

14 Jan 1800 Plymouth, arrived in Cawsand Bay, with the Excellent.

20 Jan 1800 Plymouth, arrived the North Star, from St. Michael's, with fruit, taken by a French privateer, and retaken by the Uranie, 44, Capt. Towry.

7 Feb 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

16 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Uranie, with the Cowley, a large French ship of 300 tons, from L 'Orient to Brest, with the frame of a man of war in pieces, and large ship timber for the fleet at the latter port.

27 Feb 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Stag, St. Fiorenzo, and Childers, on a cruise.

26 Mar 1800 captured the French schooner privateer Cerberre, 6 guns and 20 men, 3 days from Bayonne.

30 Mar 1800 Plymouth, arrived La Shabuck French privateer, of 16 guns, and 120 men, out of Bayonne only four days, prize to the Uranie.

7 Jun 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise with the Fisgard, Renommee, and Suffisante.

28 Jul 1800 captured, near Cape Ortegal, the French schooner Privateer La Revanche, 14, with 80 men, of Beyonne ; had been out about four months, but last from Vigo (19 days), into which port she had carried three prizes, including the English brig Marcus.

5 Aug 1800 Plymouth, came in La Revanche French schooner privateer, 10 guns, and 75 men, (formerly La Hawke privateer, of this port) captured by the Uranie.

14 Aug 1800 Plymouth, reported to be cruising off the coast of Spain.

27 Nov 1800 Plymouth, arrived with the Magicienne, 32, from a cruise of 25 weeks.

19 Dec 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Amelia, 44, on a cruise.

10 Mar 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound.

14 Mar 1801 Plymouth, when going up into Barnpool was caught by the current off Devil's Point, struck on the German Rock and swung round, but the tide flowing appears to have got off without sustaining any material damage, and anchored safely in Barnpool.

18 Apr 1801 departed the harbour for Plymouth Sound.

19 Apr 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise off the Coast of France.

20-22 Jul 1801 ships' boats of the Doris, Beaulieu, Uranie and Robust cut out the French 20-gun ship-corvette Chevrette.

26 Jul 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Doris, Captain Brisbane, who set off express for London, with dispatches for the Admiralty ; he brought in with him La Chevrette, French corvette of 24 guns, and 335 men ; cut out from under the batteries of Camaret Point, near Brest, in the most gallant style by the boats of the Robust, Doris, and Uranie, under the command of Lieutenants Losack, Neville, and Burke; the two latter were wounded, (vide Gazette Letters, page 61 ; also page 172). 23 of the badly wounded men in the above action, with Lieut. Burke ; who was dreadfully hurt by a grape shot in the back, were landed at the Royal Hospital Pier, and conveyed to their respective wards, where every comfort was afforded them which this noble institution can furnish ; the 60 wounded Frenchmen were conveyed in boats, with a flag of truce to the outermost ship ; the French lost 92 men killed. This gallant business was effected amidst the fire of several heavy batteries, and in the sight of 30 sail of the line.

3 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

9 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Cambridge, in Plymouth harbour, on the Boatswain of the Uranie, on a charge of drunkenness and neglect of duty ; which charges being fully proved, he was reduced, from his situation, and turned before the mast.

9 Aug 1801 departed Plymouth Sound to join the Channel fleet.

12 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a long cruise off Rochefort.

19 Nov 1801 the Uranie, was victualled for four months for Channel service.

12 Dec 1801 arrived Plymouth from Torbay.

27 Jan 1802 this afternoon departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise against the smugglers, the Amelia, 44, Hon. Captain Herbert ; the Fisgard, 44, Captain Seymour ; Blanche, 36, Captain Hammond ; Amethyst, 36, Captain Glynn (acting); and Uranie, 44, Captain H. Gage. It is reported that the smugglers have taken to using larger vessels, lately used as privateers, until the peace, which are larger and better armed than the revenue cruisers, a large lugger having recently fired into 2 revenue cruisers, and hence the use of frigates and sloops, waiting to be paid off, to deal with the problem that has now arisen.

28 Jan 1802 the Uranie, 44, in turning out of Plymouth Sound, had missed stays and tailed on the rocks near Redding Point, but the tide flowing she swung off almost immediately and joined the remaining frigates, not, apparently, suffering any damage.

31 Jul 1802 change in rules for detaining smugglers : the new regulations respecting the limits allowed to smugglers, is altered from four leagues from any headland, and is extended to eight leagues from the nearest headland, which will be a great advantage to the cruisers and revenue cutters.

17 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise against the smugglers, and having experienced the late severe gales that have blown up the Channel.

28 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise with the Eurus, 36.

18 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth from a cruise.

26 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise, last from Torbay.

6 May 1802 the Ville de Paris, and Uranie, paid off and laid up at Plymouth, in ordinary, and their crews discharged.

10 Oct 1803 in preparation for bringing her back into service again the Uranie has been taken down from the trots at Saltash and is now alongside the North Head Jetty.

Circa 7 Nov 1803 Hon Capt Herbert apptd to L'Uranie.

20 Feb 1804 departed Plymouth for Portsmouth.

22 Feb 1804 arrived St Helen's, Isle of Wight, from Plymouth.

Circa 25 Feb 1804 the Uranie has made a signal at Spithead for a convoy for the West Indies, with the Abundance about to return from Plymouth to Spithead, to sail with the convoy in a week or two. Gen Myers, and Brig Gen Montgomery will be passengers in the Uranie.

8 Mar 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy of about 50 sail, for the West Indies.

11 Mar 1804 was reported to be lying off the Edystone with her convoy, but finding no vessels for them at Plymouth they soon made sail and were out of sight by sun-set.

30 Mar 1804 passed Madeira with her convoy and a fair wind.

25 Apr 1804 arrived Jamaica the Coverdale, McMaster ; parted from the Uranie frigate and her convoy, from Portsmouth, on 22 Mar in a gale.

16 May 1804 the Uranie arrived Jamaica.

5 Jun 1804 Lloyds List reports the arrival of the Urania and her convoy at Barbadoes, but no date, so take into account the 5-7 weeks that the news might have taken to travel between the Barbadoes and London......and you might arrive at a rough date of arrival at the other end.

Jul 1804 the Elephant, (23 Jul) ; Uranie (24 Jul) and the Inconstant (29 Jul), departed Jamaica for Bluefields, the rendez-vous for their convoy for England.

7 Oct 1804 arrived Plymouth Sound from Jamaica having seen the Irish, Bristol and Liverpool ships safe.

13 Oct 1804 went up into the harbour to be repaired. It was stated that whilst the French prisoners brought back were rather sickly the Uranie's crew were generally healthy.

26 Dec 1804 went down into the Sound the Unania, Hon Capt Herbert.

20 Jan 1805 a large frigate, supposed to be the Urania, arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

18 Feb 1805 arrived Falmouth the N.S. del Rosario, laden with sugar, cocoa, cochineal, logwood, hides, and $70,000, from the Rio de la Plata, captured about 14 days ago off the Western Isles, a prize to the Urania.

21 Feb 1805 arrived Plymouth the Spanish ship Sacra Familla, from Havannah to Cadiz, detained by the Urania.

23 Feb 1805 arrived Plymouth the Spanish brig El Rosario, from Vera Cruz, laden with cocoa, cochineal, and $80,000 taken by the Urania.

16 Mar 1805 arrived Plymouth, reporting that she had taken 2 prizes, one already headed for London, the second arrived Plymouth, the Danish bark Providentia, Capt Hornbek, from Saloe, with wine for the navy.

17 Apr 1805 departed Spithead the Uranie with a convoy for Newfoundland, Halifax and Quebec.

May 1805 with a convoy to Quebec 17 April.

30 Apr - 22 Jun 1807 Various distant meetings with the Manche and her consort. 20 - 24 Jul the court martial of the commanding officer which resulted from complaints by the Uranie's ship's company following his failure to do his utmost to bring the enemy's frigate to action.