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Victor, 1808
Type: Brig Sloop ; Armament 18 (16 x 32-pdr. carronades ; 2 x sixes)
Taken : 8 Oct 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 3 Dec 1809 : 1810.

8 Oct 1808 Modeste, cruising off Sandheads, bay of Bengal, after a nine hours' chase, and a running fight of nearly one hour, captured the French corvette JÚna [Jean], which was added to the British navy under the name of the ship-sloop Victor.

2 May 1809 quitted the Sandheads of Bengal river with a convoy, but became separated from the convoy on the 24th.

2 Nov 1809 captured by the French frigate Bellone, in the bay of Bengal.

3 Dec 1810 re-taken at Port Louis, Isle de France (Mauritius), and broken up.