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Victor, 1814
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16
Launched : Bombay 29 Oct 1814 ;
Disposal date or year : 1842
Disposal Details : Supposed foundered between Vera Cruz and Halifax: all lost ; Com. Chas. Cooks Otway
BM: 384 tons

24 Aug 1815 arrived Portsmouth from the East Indies and the Cape with dispatches.

22 Apr 1824 recaptured from the piratical brig Romano, no details known, the Brazilian slave brig El Vencedor, 208 tons, D. J. Bergone, Master.

8 May 1824, detained about 4 or 5 miles from the harbour of Port Antonio, Prince's Island, a small boat, said to belong to the governor of Prince's Island, the Portuguese slave vessel Maria Piquena, with 11 slaves on board when detained, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Portuguese Court of Mixed Commission, Sierra Leone and sentenced to be condemned on 14 Jul 1824.

11 Aug 1824, detained in lat. 2 15' N. long. 5 13' E., bound from Benin to Rio de Janeiro, the Portuguese slave brigantine Diana, Mand. Costa, Master, with 143 slaves on board when detained, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Portuguese Court of Mixed Commission, Sierra Leone and sentenced to be condemned on 15 Nov 1824.

18 Sep 1824, detained in lat. 1 40' N. long. 6 8' E., bound from Badagry to Bahia the Portuguese slave Dous Amigos Brazileiros, A. A. da Silva, Master, with 260 slaves on board when detained, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Portuguese Court of Mixed Commission, Sierra Leone and sentenced to be condemned on 15 Nov 1824.

3 May 1825 To leave the Gold Coast, for England on the arrival out of the Redwing.

5 Nov 1825 departed Falmouth on an experimental cruise with the Harlequin, Dispatch, and Pandora.

29 Dec 1825 remains Plymouth.

15 Mar 1826 towed into Cove the water-logged ship Brothers, abandoned in mid-Atlantic in December.

17 Dec 1826 departed Cork with the Dispatch and transports with troops for Jamaica.

30 Jan 1828 was on the Barbadoes station.

17 Jul 1828 was on the Windward station.

6 Sep 1828 the capture of the piratical schooner Las Damas Argentinas ; 31 May 1831 account of bounty money and a moiety of the proceeds of hull and dollars deposited in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty.

15 Oct 1828 was on the Barbadoes station.

6 Sep 1829 per the Druid, Victor was at Jamaica when she departed for England.

10 Aug 1829 is reported to be at Vera Cruz.

6 Jul 1829 arrived Vera Cruz from Honduras.

13 Oct 1829 arrived Jamaica from Campeachy.

5 Dec 1829 refitting at Port Royal.

11 Jun 1830 detained in lat. 19 12' N., long. 75 14' E., en route from New Calabar to St. Jago de Cuba, the Spanish slave brigantine Emilio, alias Cesar, Fernando Lescaya, master, with 210 slaves on board, which was sent for adjudication to British and Spanish Mixed Court at Havana, and on 28 Jun 1830 sentenced to be forfeited. 10 Apr 1834 bounty on Slaves due for payment.

26 Jun 1830 the slaves have been emancipated, and are in the process of being the registered, but the schooner has yet to be sold.

29 Jun 1830 departed Havana, probably for Jamaica and then England, with 2 British subjects, former seamen, found on board the Emilio, see above, namely Dubliner Robert King, invalided from the Blanche circa 1825/6, and a coloured person who was born in Bermuda, William Murray, who attempted to desert the ship when he discovered she was a slave trader, but was caught and taken back on board, and it was subsequently decided that he wouldn't be tried, a third Briton involved, the Carpenter of the slave ship, Samuel Moore, died before the Emilio arrived at Havana. Instructions were received on board that Robert King should be brought back to England.

17 Nov 1830 departed Jamaica for Honduras, Campeachy, Tampico, and Vera Cruz, to collect specie for England. She was twenty-seven days on her passage from Halifax to Jamaica, during which she was driven by contrary winds nearly half way across the Atlantic towards the British Isles, Commander Richard Keane in command.

28 Apr 1831 prize money due to be paid as a result of the capture of the Emelio, on 11 Jun 1830.

28 Apr 1831 arrived Portsmouth from the West Indies.

23 Jun 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

12 Jul 1831 prize money due to be paid as a result of the capture of the Las Damas Argentinas, on 6 Sep 1828.

26 Jul 1831 went out to Spithead and to prepare for sea.

6 Aug 1831 departed Portsmouth with the Tweed, and the Duke of Portland's Yacht, Pantaloon, to try their respective rates of sailing, Commander Ellice, in command.

9 Aug 1831 arrived Portsmouth with the Tweed from the experimental cruize with the Pantaloon.

14 Aug 1831 has joined the squadron at Deal and remains.

27 Aug 1831 arrived St. Helens from the Downs, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington and anchored at six o'clock on the evening of the 28th, and moved up to Spithead the next day.

4 Sep 1831 departed Portsmouth Barham, Winchester, Victor to cruise in the Channel, to try their respective rates of sailing, under the orders of Rear-Admiral Parker, who shifted his flag on the occasion to the Barham. They returned on the 7th. The Winchester anchored at St. Helen's; the remainder at Spithead.

11 Sep 1831 departed Portsmouth with the squadron under the command of V.-Adm Sir E Codrington.

circa 20 Sep 1831 departed Spithead for Oporto.

11 Feb 1832 is reported to have been transferred from the Lisbon station to the Bermuda station, and has departed the Tagus accordingly.

7 Sep 1832 is reported to have recently departed Halifax for Newfoundland.

2 Oct 1832 arrived Halifax from Newfoundland.

4 Oct 1832 at Halifax, with the Winchester and Sapphire.

17 Oct 1832 arrived at Jamaica, from Halifax.

18 Oct 1832 departed Port Royal for Vera Cruz.

8 Nov 1832 departed Barbadoes for St. Vincent.

13 Nov 1832 arrived Barbadoes.

8 Jan 1833 reported to be refitting at Havannah.

6 Mar 1833 refitting at Barbadoes.

21 Apr 1833 at the Leeward Islands.

13 May 1833 departed Jamaica, Port Royal for St. Lucia.

3 Aug 1833 departed Barbados.

circa 21 Sep 1833 refitting at Trinidad.

14 Nov 1833 still at Trinidad.

3 Dec 1833 departed Barbadoes for Tobago.

5 Feb 1834 at Port Royal.

2 Oct 1834 arrived Portsmouth from Halifax, last from Plymouth and has come into harbour from Spithead to be paid off.

11 Oct 1834 paid-off into ordinary at Portsmouth. The crew have subscribed 2. 2s. 6d. to the seamen's hospital ship Dreadnought, in the River Thames, and Captain Russell and the officers and men also contributed 6 0s. 6d. to the funds of the Portsmouth Seamen's Children's School.

17 Jan 1835 in harbour at Portsmouth

29 Aug 1835 is reported to have arrived Madras and departed on 3 Sep on a cruise.

8 Sep 1835 arrived Calcutta from Trincomalee and Madras.

22 Sep 1835 departed Calcutta for Penang.

14 Apr 1836 departed Bombay for Colombo.

12 Jun 1836 departed Madras for New South Wales.

4 Aug 1836 is reported to be at New South Wales.

26 Dec 1836 arrived Sydney, NSW from a 3 month cruise of the South Sea islands.

2 Feb 1837 departed Sydney for Swan River.

22 Nov 1838 at Madras, preparing to sail to Trincomalee and England.

28 Dec 1839 Portsmouth In Basin.

16 Mar 1840 "14 Mar 1840 Commander William Dawson (a) appointed to the Victor;

14 Mar 1840 Lieutenant Alexander Derbishire, appointed to the Victor;

14 Mar 1840 Acting Master Edward Mallard, appointed to the Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Surgeon J. W. Bowler, appointed to the Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Purser G. T. Plumbly, appointed to the Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Masters' Assistant John Simpson, appointed to the Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Boatswain William Bound, appointed to the Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Carpenter John Terry, appointed to Victor.

14 Mar 1840 Acting Gunner W. Goldie, appointed to Victor.

25 Apr 1840 Lieutenant J. C. Provost appointed to the Victor.

16 May 1840 Master's Assistant R. J. Hudson, appointed to the Victor.

27 May 1840 Portsmouth is being prepared for service in the West Indies, is reported ready to go out to Spithead.

29 May 1840 Mate G. A. Seale appointed to the Victor.

4 Jun 1840 Portsmouth went out to Spithead ; proceeds to Jamaica in a few days.

6 Jun 1840 Clerk W. S. Bidd!ecombe (from the Victory), appointed to the Victor.

13 Jun 1840 at Spithead, for Jamaica, waiting for a fair wind to proceed.

24 June 1840 Plymouth, departed for the West Indies.

23 Jul 1840 arrived at Jamaica from England.

30 Sep 1840 arrived Halifax from Jamaica.

31 Oct 1840 left Jamaica for Mexico.

4 Mar 1841 at Jamaica.

1 April 1841 UK papers report the court martial of Surgeon J. W. Bowler of the Victor on a charge of drunkenesss on board the Magnificent at Jamaica to be severely reprimanded and placed at the bottom of the list for Surgeons.

5 Apr 1841 at Barbadoes,

26 Apr 1841 was at Jamaica.

20-22 May 1841 at Belize when the Ranger called there.

2 Jul 1841 at Jamaica.

5 Aug 1841 departed from Barbadoes for Honduras.

28 Aug 1841 Commander C. C. Otway, appointed to the Victor ;

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant John Barnes (from the Victor), appointed to command the Nightingale brig,

18 Sep 1841 departed from Port Royal for Quebec, with $200,000 for the commissariat.

18 Oct 1841 was at Halifax on the departure of the Seringapatam for England, having previously arrived from Jamaica.

1 Jan 1842 was reported to be at Barbadoes, by the packet Alert.

17 Jan 1842 departed Jamaica for Carthagena.

01 Aug 1842 departed Havannah for the Gulf of Mexico.

24 Aug 1842 at Mexico.

2 Nov 1842 at Mexico.