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Vincejo / Vincego / El Vincego, 1799
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 18-gun
Taken : 1799 ; Disposal date or year : 8 May 1804
Disposal Details : Captured, in a calm, by a flotilla of fr. gun-boats, in Quiberon-bay Captain James Wesley Wright.

25 Jun 1799 forts near Genoa fired several shot at Vincejo, but ceased when she hoisted Spanish colours.

17 Apr 1801 captured the French privateer Superb in the Mediterranean.

13-14 Sep 1801 men from the ship's company involved in operations ashore at Porto-Ferrajo.

4 Oct 1802 the Vincejo / Vincego arrived Gibraltar from Alexandria, having touched at Malta and Algiers, and reports having been chased into Algiers by a Portuguese squadron.

3 Nov 1802 the Prince of Wales packet, arrived Falmouth in 12 days from Lisbon, where she reports that she left H.M. vessels Cynthia and Vincego in the Tagus.

10 Nov 1802 the Duke of York packet, arrived Falmouth in 8 days from Lisbon, where she left H.M. vessels Cynthia and Vincego in the Tagus.

2 Dec 1802 the Vincejo, Captain Prevost, was at Lisbon waiting for dispatches to take to Gibraltar when the Amphion sailed to England.

3 Dec 1802 remained in the Tagus when the Falmouth packet departed for England, and was repairing damage recently received when at sea, off the Tagus, in the recent gales.

1 Feb 1803 the Dragon, Renown, Monmouth, Active, Greyhound, and Vincego, are reported to be lying in Gibraltar Bay.

2 Apr 1803 arrived Sheerness the Vincego, from Gibraltar after a short passage of 15 days.

10 May 1803 has been paid off at Chatham.

Circa 26 Nov 1803 Capt Wright apptd to the El Vincego.

23 Feb 1804 remains in the Downs.

11 Mar 1804 departed with the Illustrious for off Boulogne.

28 Mar 1804 arrived Plymouth La Delphine, French schooner, of Beleisle, laden with steel, a prize to the Vincego.

8 May 1804 captured off the mouth of the river Morbihan, coast of France.

Circa 9 Jun 1804 a letter has been published in the Moniteur suggesting that Capt Wright was being interrogated by the French for landing French persons who would appear to have been anti-establishment, but being a prisoner of war was not to be duped into admitting anything. However it was reported that Capt Wright was being sent to Paris to undergo further interrogation.

Circa 11 Aug 1804 Capt Wright is reported to still be in prison in Paris, and has not been joined by any of this officers, who remain in Verdun or Epinal.