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Virginie / Virginia, 1796
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 44
Taken from the French by the Indefatigable, off the Lizard, 1796 ;
Disposal date or year : 1827
Displacement : 1066 tons (BM)
Length : 151 feet 3¾ inches on the lower deck : Extreme breadth : 39 feet 10 ins.

20 Apr 1796 capture of the French 40-gun frigate Virginie, discovered off the Lizard, and after a long chase, by the frigates Indefatigable, Amazon, and Concorde.

30 May 1797 arrived in the Downs from Spithead - the after effects of the Mutiny at Spithead rumble on - see p. 524->

7 Jun 1797 at Cuxhaven - see p. 526->.

14 Jun 1797 off Harwich - see p. 526->.

28 Jun 1797 in the Downs awaiting a court martial on men in the Beaulieu - see p. 526->.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. A. Hunt. In the East Indies.

28 Jan 1799 off Macao, Arrogant, 74, Intrepid, 64, and the frigate Virginie, when the arrival of a small squadron of Spanish and French vessels, including 2 ships of the line, was reported. Very shortly after their arrival, having shown little inclination to hazard an action, the weather forced both squadrons out to sea.

31 Jan 1799 the British Sqadron returned to Macao, but the enemy were not to be seen.

27 Feb 1799 Arrogant and Virginie parted and departed for Prince of Wales Island. The Virginie then returned and joined the Intrepid again on 8 Mar, and both departed for Ceylon.

22 Mar 1800 captured a Dutch prow mounting four swivels, small arms, &c. manned with sixteen men, laden with sundries, out three days, from Macassar, bound to Sambauwa, in lat. 6° 5', S. long. 117° 25' E.

26 Mar 1800 captured a Dutch prow mounting two brass swivels, small arms, &c. manned with fifteen men, laden with sundries, six days from Macassar, bound to Sambauwa, in lat. 5° 51', S. long. 118° 25' E.

29 Mar 1800 captured a Dutch prow, manned with 14 men, laden with sundries, eight days from Macassar, bound to Sambauwa, in lat. 5° 29', S. long. 118° 46' E.

26 Apr 1800 in lat. 1° 10', S. long. 126° 25' E., fell in with and captured the following vessels, under Dutch colours, from the island of Java bound to Ternate :
Vrow Helena (ship), mounting 8 six-pndrs. carriage guns and 4 swivels, manned with forty men.
Brig Helena, 12 six-pndrs., manned with 20 men.
Brig Braack, 10 four-pound guns, manned with 12 men.
The three latter vessels, laden with annual supplies far the garrison on the island of Ternate, and had on board, exclusive of their cargoes, specie to the amount of 17,943 Spanish dollars.

26 May 1802 La Virginie, Captain Astle is reported to be in dock at Bombay.

11 Dec 1802 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope the Intrepid, Capt Hargood ; the Virginie, Capt Astle ; Leopard, Capt Collier ; and Chiffonne, from the East Indies, with the 91st Regt on board.

13 Dec 1802 departed the Cape of Good Hope for England the Intrepid, Virginie, Leopard, and Chiffonne, for England with the 91st Regt.

14 Feb 1803 arrived Spithead from the East Indies.

21 Feb 1803 departed Spithead for the Downs and Sheerness to be paid off.

24 Feb 1803 arrived Sheerness, and passed through for the River Thames.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Capt Beresford, apptd to the Virginie.

Doubled and sheathed &c.with fir 1½ inch thick from wales downwards.

23 Aug 1803 paid at Sheerness.

25 Aug 1803 departed the sheerness.

29 Aug 1803 arrived N Yarmouth from the Nore.

11 Sep 1803 arrived N Yarmouth from the Texel, the Hawke, Lieut James Grant, with dispatches from Capt Cunningham, senior officer on that station, where she left cruising on the 7th, the Princess of Orange, 74 ; Ruby, 64, Capt Hon Gardner ; the Virginie frigate, Capt Beresford, and the Phoenix cutter, Lieut Shirley. It may be of interest to note feelings amongst the Dutch fishermen (apparently known as Mynheers), in the Texel, said to be in a state of perfect apathy ; and whatever doubts may be entertained regarding the Dutch preparation for the invasion of England along the coast of Holland, none certainly appear in that quarter : for, say the fishermen, "it is neither our interest or inclination, and nothing but that cursed Bonaparte shall ever compel us to give you further opportunity of imprisoning our men, and increasing your navy, by such vessel's as the Commodore's," says he pointing to the Princess of Orange, well remembered as their boasted Washington. Lieut Grant has brought in with him, the Dutch vessel Belofter, Capt Francis Meuldief, laden with fish and oil, a prize to the Princess of Orange.

10 Oct 1803 the Russian Ambassador arrived Sheerness to embark on board the Virginia, bound for Russia, when the wind permits ie its been blowing a strong NE and the last Baltic convoy is still stuck in Hosely Bay, just up the coast.

13 Oct 1803 departed Sheerness.

25 Oct 1803 the Virginie is reported to have arrived Copenhagen from the North Sea.

Circa 12 Nov 1803 arrived in the R Humber with a convoy from the Baltic.

10 Dec 1803 earlier reports that the Virginie had got ashore in the Baltic have turned out to be unfounded.

2 Jan 1804 arrived at Sheerness, and on the 5th Jan it was noted that she was in a very "shattered" condition, owing to the late tempestuous weather and it will be some time before she can be got ready for sea.

5 Feb 1804 departed the Downs the Virginie, Squirrel, and Immortalite, with several gun brigs for the Coast of France.

22 Mar 1804 has departed Sheerness.

24 Mar 1804 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

28 Mar 1804 the Monarch, Lord Keith, departed the Downs for off Boulogne, but through messy print it appears to suggest that she returned to the Downs, and she sailed again on the 29th for off Boulogne, but this time with the Stately, Utrecht, Braakel, Veteran, Trusty, Virginie, Aimable, Seine, Curlew, Bonnetta, Vesuvius, Meteor, Archer, and William store ship.

30 Mar 1804 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

2 Apr 1804 arrived Sheerness to have her defects made good having been run foul of by the Diana in the Downs and very much injured.

6 Apr 1804 the crew of the Virginie has been sent from Sheerness to Chatham to bring back the Regulus to Sheerness.

14 Apr 1804 arrived in the Downs from the Nore.

16 Apr 1804 remains in the Downs.

18 May 1804 remains in the Downs.

29 Jul 1804 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

1 Oct 1804 is in ordinary at Sheerness, and is getting ready to depart for Harwich for repairs.

May 1805 Harwich, repairing in Ordinary

9 Apr 1806 captured the Spanish privateer Vengador, schooner, 14 guns, 82 men, on the Cork station.

28 Sep 1807 captured the Spanish privateer Jesus Maria Josef, lugger, 14 guns, 120 men.

19-20 May 1808 captured the Dutch frigate Guelderland, which, for a few years, served as a cruising 12-pdr 36 gun frigate in the British navy.

16 Jan 1810 Virginie sighted the French frigates Renommée and Clorinde, who disappeared in the night, en route for France.

17 Jan 1810 is reported to have combined forces with the sloop Brisk, which came into sight, but was unable to make contact with the French frigates.