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Volage, 1825
Type: Survey ship ; late 6th rate ; Armament 28
Launched : 19 Feb 1825 ; Disposal date or year : 1874
BM: 521 tons ; Notes:

14 Jan 1826 preparing at Portsmouth for a passage to the East Indies in the company of the Warspite.

8 Jan 1827 departed Sydney for Valparaiso.

1 Apr 1827 remained Callao.

26 Jan 1828 at Valparaiso was reported to be at Callao.

10 Oct 1829 Has been commissioned at Portsmouth for the Halifax station.

26 Dec 1829 Went out to Spithead Monday, and departed today for South America.

Jul 1830 South America Station.

4 Nov 1830 arrived at Buenos Ayres, from Rio.

10 Nov 1830 arrived at Rio Janeiro from the River Plate.

20 Nov 1830 departed from Rio for Montevideo.

Circa 1 Jan 1831 at Buenos Ayres.

13 Jun 1831 arrived Portsmouth from Cherbourg, Capt. the Right Hon. Lord Colchester, in command.

23 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

7 Jul 1831 departed Portsmouth for South America.

23 Sep 1831 departed Rio Janeiro for Buenos Ayres.

19 May 1832 departed Valparaiso for Coquimbo.

12 Jun 1832 the Dublin, Rattlesnake and Clio were at Coquimbo when she departed for Rio.

6 Aug 1832 the Warspite (flag), Samarang, Algerine, tender Adelaide were at Rio de Janeiro when she departed for Pernambuco.

30 Aug 1832 the Pylades was at Pernambuco looking after British interests when the Volage departed for England.

6 Oct 1832 arrived Spithead from South America, bringing treasure on merchants accounts estimated at about $1,200,000.

10 Oct 1832 came into harbour to refit for temporary service, in view of the Holland / Belgium question which was developing.

End of 1832, a part of a squadron of vessels involved in the blockade of the ports of Holland, which was defying the great Powers with regard to the Belgian question. See p. 270-1 at

6 Nov 1832 departed Spithead and to join the Squadron in the Downs.

11 Nov 1832 departed the Downs with the French ship Melpomene for the North Sea.

28 Nov 1832 the Vernon with the Stag, Volage, Scout, Larne, Rover, Snake, and steamer Dee, along with 5 French vessels, are reported to be cruising off the Dutch ports, from Walcheren to the Texel.

27 Dec 1832 sent into Harwich the Dutch ship Ouderneeming, Engels, from Batavia to Amsterdam, detained when cruising in the North Sea.

28 Dec 1832 has detained and sent into Margate the Paramaribo, from Surinam, for Amsterdam.

4 Jan 1833 arrived Spithead from the Downs to be paid off.

12 Jan 1833 to be paid off at Portsmouth on Tuesday.

8 Mar 1833 came into the basin at Portsmouth.

1 Jun 1833 fitting out at Portsmouth for the Cape station.

8 Jun 1833 is expected to go out to Spithead next week, and prepare for a passage to the Mediterranean.

17 Jun 1833 out to Spithead.

22 Jun 1833 has dropped down to St. Helen's Roads, in preparation for her passage to the Mediterranean.

Jun 1833 is reported to have been fitted with Earle's fire-engine pump, which was trialled on board the Druid.

1 Aug 1833 departed Malta for Nauplia.

23 Nov 1833 refitting at Vourla Bay.

4 Dec 1833 on detached service from Vourla Bay.

6 Jan 1834 is reported at Malta to have been at Corfu.

23 Mar 1834 cruising in the Ionian Islands.

1 Oct 1834 At Corfu.

3 Oct 1834 in the Dardanelles passage.

31 Jan 1835 at Constantinople.

1 Jul 1835 reported to be at Constantinople.

30 Oct 1835 arrived Malta from Constantinople.

8 Dec 1835 under orders at Malta for Constantinople.

16 Oct 1836 departed the Dardanelles for the Archipelago.

3 May 1837 departed Constantinople for Malta.

20 May 1837 arrived Malta from Constantinople and is shortly due to sail for England.

14 Jul 1837 arrived Portsmouth from Tangier and anchored in Cowes Roads. The following morning, in thick conditions, the Quebec, an American packet ran into her causing damage to her jib and fore-mast etc. The Volage is ordered to the eastward and the River to be paid-off.

16-> Jan 1839, with the Cruiser, arrived off and captured the town of Aden, the Abdella tribe, having declined to carry out its written promise to hand over the town to the British. See p. 277-> at See also the History of the Indian Navy p. 118->

1 Jun 1839 Lieutenant Patrick Campbell, appointed to the Volage.

30 Aug 1839 arrived at Hong Kong where the British presence continued to grow - see p. 281.

20 Jan 1840 at Macao

27 Apr 1840 at Capsingmoon, China

26 Dec 1840 Captain George Elliot, acting, appointed to the Volage.

1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

30 Jul 1840 departed Ning-po for the Gulf of Petchili to negotiate. See p. 283 at

8 Aug 1840 arrived in the Gulf of Pe-che-le.

7 Dec 1840 Rear-Admiral Elliot departed Chusan in the Volage and returned to England. See p. 284 at

6 May 1841 Portsmouth, arrived with Rear-Admiral the Hon. G. Elliot from China, the Cape of Good Hope (6 Mar) and St. Helena (20).

11 May 1841 Henry B. Hardman, late Volage, passed at the RN College for Lieutenant;

12 May 1841 Portsmouth, departed to Chatham to be paid off.

14 May 1841 arrived at Chatham.

20 May 1841 Chatham, paid off.

4 Sep 1841 Captain Sir W. Dickson, appointed to the Volage ;

4 Sep 1841 Chatham, has been commissioned by Captain W. Dickson, Bart.

2 Oct 1841 Lieutenants George Smythe and F. W. C. Hickey ; Surgeon R. Birtwhistle, appointed to the Volage.

4 Dec 1841 Purser Edward Owen, appointed to the Volage.

11 Dec 1841 is reported to have departed Chatham for Plymouth, en route for China. Lieut E. Peel ; Master R. Godden ; Purser Edward Owen ; Clerk ----- Deere appointed.

21 Dec 1841 Plymouth, arrived in the Sound, from Portsmouth.

25 Dec 1841 the Warspite is under orders at Portsmouth to bring the King of Prussia to England for the christening of the Prince of Wales, under the escort of the Thalia and Volage ?

30 Dec 1841 in Plymouth Sound.

2 Jan 1842 departed Plymouth for the West Indies.

30 Dec 1841 in the Sound.

2 Jan 1842 departed Plymouth, for the West Indies.

11 Jan 1842 arrived Madeira, from Plymouth, and departed on the 13th for Bermuda.

17 Apr 1842 was about to depart Jamaica for Chagres.

25 Apr 1842 departed Jamaica for Santa Martha.

21 Jun 1842 arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, from Santa Martha, with $800,000 on board. The Jamaica papers report that sickness had prevailed amongst the ship's company on the last cruise, resulting in the deaths of Lieutenant Davey, the Captain's Clerk, and a seaman. Lt. Davey was reported to have been buried at Sanra Martha.

26 Jun 1842 departed Port Royal for Halifax.

20 Jul 1842 reported to be at Halifax.

24 Aug 1842 at Halifax.

1 Oct 1842 at Halifax when the Volcano and Resistance departed for England, and shortly due to depart for Barbadoes.

14 Oct 1842 departed Halifax for the West Indies, in the Squadron's annual winter migration southward, but sprang a leak and returned.

17 Nov 1842 reported to be going down the Mexican Coast.

1847 Survey ship.

Summer, 1848, Syro.

20 Dec 1848 Surveying vessel, Mediterranean.

1855 Floating powder depot.

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Master Hutchings.

1860 Storeship, Chatham.

1860 Powder depot., Chatham.