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Wanderer, 1806
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 20
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1817

3 Jul 1808 whilst cruising with a small squadron between the islands of Anguille and St.-Martin, attempted an attack on the Island of St.-Martin, with a view to reducing the number of havens available to French privateers, but unfortunately the opposition proved stronger than intelligence suggested.

17 Jul, passed by Barbadoes, from the Saints, to Berbice.

4 Aug 1810, Carlisle Bay, Barbadoes, supposed to be preparing to depart for the Saints.

Portsmouth 9 Dec 1811 arrived from the Leeward Islands, with dispatches.

Portsmouth 9 Apr 1812 Dropped down to St, Helen's.

Plymouth 2 Aug 1812 Passed by with a convoy from Lisbon for Portsmouth, sending in here a number of transports with French prisoners.

Portsmouth 28 Aug 1812 departed with the convoy for Halifax &c.

Portsmouth 23 Aug 1813 departed for Plymouth.

Torbay 24 Aug 1813 arrived to take convoy for Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 22 Feb 1814 departed to Plymouth and Passages.

Plymouth 28 Feb 1814 departed with a convoy for Spain.

The Garonne 31 May 1814 At anchor.

Falmouth 15 Oct 1814 arrived yesterday with a transport, from Plymouth for Cork.

Falmouth 16 Oct 1814 departed with a transport, for Cork.

Falmouth 24 Oct 1814 arrived from Cork to take the fish vessels from Poole to the Mediterranean.

Falmouth 10 Nov 1814 departed with a convoy for the Mediterranean.

Plymouth 18 Dec 1814 arrived last evening from the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and Bilbao.

Plymouth 24 May 1815 departed to the westward.

Plymouth 3 Jun 1815 departed for the Downs.

Deal 4 Jun 1815 arrived with a convoy of victuallers from Plymouth.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1815 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth 18 Nov 1815 arrived from Weymouth, to be paid off.

Plymouth 18 Sep 1816 Put up for sale at auction at 2000, but bidding stopped at 1500.