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Wanderer, 1883
Type: Sail Training Brig ; late Composite screw Sloop ; Armament 4
Launched : 8 Feb 1883 ; Disposal date or year : 1907
Displacement: 925 tons
Propulsion: Screw Complement: 53
Machinery notes: 750

Apr 1886 China

18 Feb 1888 Re-commissioned at Hong Kong

1890 China

Jun 1892, Sheerness, was not expected to be employed on foreign service, as her speed is below that of modern sloops and is to be surveyed to ascertain whether she is fit for service as a seagoing training ship, and if so, the cost of converting her to a sail training ship, with her machinery having been removed.

3 Nov 1892 is fitting at Sheerness Dockyard for service as a training ship for boys on the east coast of Scotland, as a tender to the Caledonia. Her complement has been fixed at 220, of whom 136 will be boys undergoing training. Her machinery has been removed, and increased sail power provided.

1894 Converted to Training Brig.

26 Jun 1897 Tender to the Boscawen, training ship for boys at Portland.

26 Jun 1897 Present at the Naval Review at Spithead in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

Wanderer, late Lady Margaret, 1908
Type: Ferry Steamer (Composite) ;
Displacement: 589 Tons
Propulsion: Paddle ;
Machinery notes: I.H.P. 1,400.

see Roamer.

NL Jan 1921 based at Sheerness and understood to have been broken up later in the year.