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Weazle / Weasel, 1805
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
Complement: 120

May 1805 fitting.

21 Aug 1807 captured the vessels La Grue and Bizarro, when in company with the Unite and Melpomene.
24 Apr 1817 it was announced that copies of accounts of sale and proceeds' of the La Grue and Bizarro, were to be lodged in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, on the 12 May 1817. Unfortunately though, for those entitled to the prize money from that time on things didn't seem to go as smoothly as they shoulda : the estate of the agent responsible for paying the prize money had gone bankrupt and therefore subsequent payments of the prize money were made in instalments, thus, presumably not amounting to the full sum due.
25 March 1822 notice was given that distribution of the dividends received by the Treasurer of this Institution, from the estate of Messrs Lark and Woodhead, in the undermentioned prize cases, will commence on 10 Apr next. Whether any dividends were paid in the interim I know not, but the final dividend of 5d. in the pound due in this respect, didn't become due to be paid by the Examiner of Prize Accounts until 2 Jul 1850.

23-29 Aug 1807 off Corfu forced 3 boats with French troops ashore and captured a further 3 containing officers and men, then departed to Malta to advise that the Island was now in the hands of the French.

25 Jul 1810 off the coast of Naples, landed the ships' boats to bring off and destroy the vessels of a convoy the squadron discovered running on the beach at Amanthea

Plymouth 22 Mar 1811 arrived from Torbay.

29 Aug 1811 captured the French privateer Roi de Rome.

16 Feb 1812 Victorious, accompanied by the Weasel, arrived off Venice. 21st-22nd chased a French squadron, during which the Weasel destroyed the brig Mercure, whilst the Victorious caught up with and captured the Rivoli following a long and severe action, shortly after the arrival of the Weasel. The Rivoli was purchased into the service.

21 Dec 1812 the ships' boats of the Apollo and the Weasel captured and destroyed a fort was reputed to be the strongest between Brindisi and Otranto.

6 Jan 1813 ships' boats of the Bacchante and Weasel in action to the south-east of Cape Otranto.

9 Jan 1813 present at the capture of La Madonna di Megaspilio : prize-money arising from the proceeds of the capture will be due for payment 12 Feb 1818.

4 Mar 1813 was present at the capture of the prize, the Sostegno : prize-money arising from the proceeds of the capture will be due for payment 12 Feb 1818.

22-23 Apr 1813 whilst chasing a convoy was in a severe action with a number of gun boats east-north-east of the island of Zirana.

3 Jul-4 Aug 1813 the ship's boats of the Milford, Elizabeth, Eagle, Bacchante, Weasel and Haughty involved in actions at Fiume, Porto-R, Bocca-R, the fortress of Farasina, Rovigno, the island of Ragosniza.

Portsmouth 8 Sep 1814 arrived from the Mediterranean, and are put under quarantine.

Weasel, 1808
Type: Hired schooner ; Armament 6
Hired : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1811

27 Oct 1809 captured the French privateer Veloce in the Mediterranean.

26 Dec 1809 captured the French privateer Eole in the Mediterranean.