AFO 432/1921.—Electric Generating Stations — Production and Supply of Electric Energy — REPORTS.

(D. 23418/20.— 19.2.1921.)

The Heads of all Admiralty Establishments at which self-contained electric generating stations are installed should arrange for monthly returns of expenditure, in connection with the production and supply of electric light and power, to be forwarded to the Admiralty (Inspector of Dockyard Accounts) on Form D.825.

2. Each Establishment should obtain from the Dockyard concerned details of the expenditure brought to account thereat for the repair and upkeep of the electric generating machinery, and such expenditure should be included in the monthly return, and separately shown.

3. Steps should be taken to ensure that the returns are prepared on the same basis as those rendered by the Dockyard.

4. The returns should include expenditure to the last Saturday in each month, and should be transmitted in time to arrive in the D.A. Department within 14 days after the date to which the returns relate.

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