515/1915.-Explosives in Coal - Detection - REPORT

(N.S./C.P. 106344/15.- 1.9.1915.)

It is of great importance that, whenever coal is being handled, any foreign substances should be detected, and the nature of such fully investigated, to eliminate as far as possible the risk of explosives being introduced into the furnaces with the coal.

The danger of allowing foreign substances to remain in coal should be impressed upon all ratings who handle it during coaling, and, in addition, all stoker ratings should be trained to carry out this important examination, particularly when the coal is spread out before the furnaces ready for firing, and to be constantly on the alert to detect foreign substances in the coal until finally they do so instinctively.

In the event of any explosive substance being found, the fact should be reported at once, in order that ships which have received coal from the same source may be informed.

A report should also be forwarded to the Admiralty.

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