Rifles, Revolvers, Pistols and Ammunition.

AFO 3775C/1918.—Pistol Ammunition—Failures—REPORT.

(G. 12997/18.— 13.8.1918.)

Accidents with pistols, both Webley and Webley Scott, have been reported in which the barrel has split near the muzzle, which is attributed to the bullet of the previous round remaining in the barrel.

2. In the event of slight or no recoil being observed during practice, the firing from the particular pistol concerned is not to be continued until the bore has been examined and found to be clear.

3. Should the accident occur of the barrel splitting, every endeavour is to be made to retain the penultimate cartridge case for return to the nearest Naval Ordnance Dépôt for special examination, together with some unfired cartridges of the same make and date.

4. A report of the occurrence is to be forwarded to the Admiralty, in accordance with Article 1235, King’s Regulations and Admiralty Instructions.

AFO 2457/1921.—Service Rifles and Revolvers — Losses — REPORTS.

(D.A.S./N.I.D. 10951.—22.7.1921.)

Instances of loss of service rifles and revolvers have frequently been reported, while, at the same time, the Police occasionally recover service arms from persons who have been in unlawful possession of them.

In order to endeavour to connect the arms so found with those lost or stolen from Government charge, the Police authorities throughout the country have been requested to notify at once to Scotland Yard the loss of any service arms reported to them and also to notify the finding of any service arms in illegal possession of any persons in their jurisdiction.

The theft of service small arms from H.M. Ships and Naval Establishments should be reported to the civil police as soon as discovered, the report to include full details available as to nature of arms, register number and identification marks, and a similar report should be made to the civil police when small arms are lost even though there are no reasons to suspect theft. In losses of small arms from Armament Dépôts similar action should be taken as far as possible, but it is not the intention that records should be kept of register numbers of all small arms on charge.

When arms, reported as stolen or lost, are subsequently recovered, notification should be at once sent to the civil police.

Special care should be taken to note register numbers or identification marks of arms in possession of H.M. Ships and Naval Establishments, so that, if lost, such details may be available.

In all reports of losses of small arms due to theft, the particulars referred to in Article 1938 of the King’s Regulations and Admiralty Instructions are to be furnished. Losses, other than by theft, are to be reported to the Admiralty in detail, as directed in Article 1130, the register numbers of the small arms being reported.

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