Admiral Beatty, Photographs and Snippets associated with the Great War, the Grand Fleet and End of Hostilities


Photographs by courtesy of and with many thanks to ex libris of Hugh Abram-Williams

  • Admiral Beatty
  • Admiral Beatty meets Admiral Rodman USN and including the following:
  • End of Great War (WWI) Negotiations
  • Surrender of the German Fleet as recounted by a Welshpool journalist
  • The German Fleet at Scapa Flow - Postcard
  • Admiral Beatty and the King and Queen of the Belgiums
  • Royal Visit to Grand Fleet
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - Admiral Beatty attends Fleet Regatta prize giving
  • Scribes says farewell - Admiral Beatty's Writer Staff - Post WW1 Farewell Dinner Menu etc
  • Adm Beatty and Med Fleet meets the Greek troops at Constantinople.
  • Admiral Beatty Bids Adieu!

  • A few miscellaneous photos

  • Submarine K6 - Postcard
  • HMS DIADEM - launched 1896
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth - Postcard - Artists Impression
  • Postcard from 1918 - British Tars Watching the High Seas Fleet surrender

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