Boy's Manual of Seamanship and Gunnery

Lifeboat & Lifebelt

First hands up slip gripes: Each man on entering the boat will put his cork jacket on, and take his place on his respective thwart as quickly as possible.

STROKE-OARSMEN see plug in, safety-pins out of after-hook, and attend after-lizard.

BOWMAN.- Out safety-pins of foremost-hook, attend boat-rope, and see it ready for slipping, boat-hooks ready for use.

Second thwart attend lizard.

COXSWAIN. - Have whip clear for slipping, and ship "Tiller." The rest of boat's crew sit down and hold on to "Life-lines."

At evening quarters pins are taken out, plugs put in, and the boat-ropes seen into the boat, and clear from forward.


On getting into the boat each man should put his Life Belt on as quickly as possible, putting his right arm through shoulder-strap No. 1, and his left arm through shoulder-

strap No. 2; dipping his head through the cross, No. 3, having the corks outside ; bringing the strings round and tying them in front, which will cause the Belt to close,

Figure 4 shows the Belt tied in front.

Figure 5 shows it as it appears behind.

The Life Belts supplied to Her Majesty's Ships weigh five pounds, have a, buoyancy of twenty pounds, and are capable of supporting one man.

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