Boy's Manual of Seamanship and Gunnery


Homograph - To be used ehen unable to Communicate by Other Means

A sword, tiller, stick or stretcher as described below:

Position No. Figure Position No. Figure
In right hand, perpendicular over the body 1
In right hand, perpendicular over the body, left arm extended 6
Elevated 45, arm always extended. 2
Elevated in the right hand 45 left arm extended 7
Horizontal in right hand 3
In the right hand horizontal, left arm extended 8
Depressed 45 in right hand 4
In right hand, depressed 45, left arm extended 9
In left hand extended horizontally 5
Held horizontally over the head with both hands 0

An oar may be used, with the handle on the ground, and the blade in the direction of the point of the sword &c, when convenient.

No. Figure Position
1st Substitute and Affirmative
Each hand extended perpendicularly over the head
2nd Substitute and Negative
Each hand extended horizontally
Demand or Preparative
Hat off, left arm extended
Answer and Geographical
Handkerchief or flag spread
Interrogative Wave over head with right arm
Numeral and Horary
In right arm extended horizontally, left arm held perpendicularly over the head
Finish after each separate signal Each hand waved over the head
Finish altogether
Hands against the hips, elbows extended

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