Gratuities to the Relations of Officers and others killed in Action circa 1797

  1. To a Widow, her husband's full pay for a year.
  2. Orphans, each the one third portion of a Widow ; posthumous children are esteemed Orphans.
  3. Orphans married are not entitled to any Bounty.
  4. If there is no Widow, a mother if a Widow, and above fifty years of age, is entitled to a Widow's share.
  5. The relations of Officers of Fire-ships are entitled to the same bounty, as those of Officers, of like rank, in fourth rates.
  6. Captains are to set down the names of the killed at the end of the Muster Book, and on what occasion.
  7. This bounty extends to those who are killed in tenders, in boats, or on shore, as well as to those on board the ships ; also to those who are killed in action with Pirates, or in engaging. British-ships through mistake. They who die of their wounds after battle, are all equally entitled with those killed in Action.

Source : Naval Chronicle, vol II

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