Leave at Malta : Officers and Men

The following Memorandum has been published by the Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean circa 1 Nov 1842 :

HMS Queen
Malta Harbour.

General Memorandum.

The leave on shore is to be regulated by the several Captains, according to the character and conduct of those whom they respectively command, not more than one third of the commissioned officers and mates must be absent from the ship at the same time on any occasion.

Captains are to judge of the propriety of the indulgence to be granted to mates, midshipmen, and volunteers, as well with reference to their duties, as to the associations they may have severally formed.

The number of petty officers and seamen who may have the indulgence of leave, is also to be regulated by the Captains, and to be on a sliding scale, viz.:-

From 3-deckers 40 men ;
2-deckers 35 men ;
large frigates 25 men ;
small frigates 20 men ;
sloops and steam ships 15 men - Marines included.

The following resolutions are further ordered :-

  1. A Lieutenant's watch is to be strictly kept.
  2. No shore boat is to be admitted after ten o'clock without the express permission and attendance of the officer of the watch.
  3. If any one come off after that hour, the name of those who come on board are to be entered in a book kept for the purpose, and signed by the officer of the watch who shall give the permission.
  4. After 12 o'clock none are to be admitted without the commanding officer's permission, and the attendance of the officer of the watch with entry in the register as above.
  5. The register book is to be presented to the Captain on the following morning.

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