Manning the Navy - 1859

Order in Council
12th April, 1859.

Order Following the Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the best means of Manning the Navy — Provisions — Seamen Gunners — Allotments — Badge Pay — Rank Of Warrant Officers.

We beg leave most humbly to represent to Your Majesty that we have had under our consideration the Report of Your Majesty's Commissioners appointed to inquire into the best means of manning the Royal Navy, and after mature deliberation we are humbly of opinion that it would be very desirable and beneficial to Your Majesty's Service to adopt certain suggestions contained in the said Report. We therefore submit the following proposals for Your Majesty's gracious approval:—


That the allowance of provisions as regards the undermentioned articles shall for the future be as follows:—

Bread.—One pound and a quarter per man per diem, instead of one pound as at present.

Sugar.—Two ounces per man per diem, instead of one ounce and three-quarters as at present.

Chocolate and Sugar.—An extra half allowance to be issued at the discretion of the Captain or Commanding Officer under certain circumstances and with certain restrictions.

Seamen Gunners.

That the extra pay of Seamen Gunners of the First Class be increased from 2d. to 4d. per diem, and that of the Second Class from 1d. to 2d. per diem. With the view of retaining these Men in the Service when qualified as Seamen Gunners, we submit that a period of five years' service in the above capacity shall count as six years towards a long-service pension. This change to be commenced under such conditions and regulations as the Board of Admiralty may provide.


Deleted - change cancelled by an Order in Council dated 6 Jun 1859.

Badge Money.

That Petty Officers who become entitled to good-conduct badges, and who under existing regulations receive no extra pay for the same, shall receive good-conduct badge pay at the same rate as that granted to Able Seamen, viz., Id. per diem extra for each good conduct badge they are entitled to wear.

Warrant Officers.

That the Warrant Officers of Your Majesty's Fleet should rank after Second Masters, but to be subordinate to the Officer of the watch of whatever rank.

We beg leave to acquaint Your Majesty that the Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have signified their concurrence in such of the above propositions as involve increased expenditure.

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