Regulation respecting the Payment of Mates and Naval Instructors

An act passed in the last session of Parliament, cap. 3, in which it is enacted “That from and after the 31 Dec. 1841, it shall be lawful for every naval instructor and mate in the Royal Navy, under such regulations, limitations, and restrictions as have now been or may at any time or times hereafter be established by the Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom for the time being, to draw a bill of exchange, or a set of bills, of the same tenor and date, upon the Accountant-General of the Navy for the net personal pay which shall be due to him, at such times and for such periods as the said Commissioners shall at any time, or from time to time, appoint on that behalf.”

It is therefore directed:- That all mates and naval instructors shall continue to draw for the sea-pay due to them up to the 31 Dec. 1841, as heretofore. That to draw bills for their net sea pay every three months, to end on the 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December, agreeably to a (specified) table of pay.

That any mate or naval instructor who shall have been on half-pay who was not serving at the time of his appointment, may receive 3 months' pay in advance on his joining his ship, provided he transmit, with an application to the Accountant-General of the Navy, a certificate from his commanding officer of the day he commenced sea-pay, when a bill of exchange will be sent to him for signature and negotiation, or the amount will be paid to his agent, if he request it.

That mates and naval instructors be allowed to draw for their net sea pay from the date of entry, if they receive no advance, or from the termination of the period for which advance may have been granted to the end of the current quarter.

That mates shall continue, as heretofore to receive the residue of their pay on ship's books : but that naval instructors shall, after the 31 December, 1841, be paid the residue of their full pay by a bill to be made out in office, on their transmitting to the Accountant-General a certificate of service, and a statement of their claims for tuition for the whole period of their appointment.

Naval Instructors and Schoolmasters who receive the new rate of pay will no longer be allowed the bounty of £30 a year ; but if a chaplain act as a naval instructor he will be entitled to the bounty in addition to his pay a chaplain.

N.B. Bills for tuition or bounty to be drawn separately.

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