Admiralty Orders, &c

Admiralty Orders, &c. &c.

(Circular, No. 83.)

Admiralty, 23d October, 1832.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having caused a revision to be made of the prices at which Slop Clothing is issued to the Crews of His Majesty's ships, and having in consequence determined that an alteration shall take place in the prices at which such Clothing shall be issue in future, you are immediately, on the receipt of this Order, which is to be noted in the Log Book, to cause a Survey to be held before any further issues are made, upon the articles of Slop Clothing remaining in charge of the Purser, for the purpose of showing the quantity and value thereof, the Purser taking care to credit or charge himself in his Slop Account with the difference in value between the old and new prices ; and Slops are thenceforward to be issued at the prices fixed in the scale on the other side hereof.

A Copy of the Report of Survey of remaining Slops is to be sent to the Comptroller of the Victualling.

By Command of their Lordships, George Elliot.

To all Captains, Commanders, Commanding Officers and Pursers of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

List of Slop Clothing,

And of the Prices at which the Articles are respectively to be issued.

    s. d.  
Blue Cloth Jackets, No. 1. A and B 25 0 each
Jackets, No. 2 10 0 each
Trowsers, No. 1. A and B 15 6 per pair
Trowsers, No. 2. 6 0 per pair
Duck Trowsers 2 6 per pair
In the piece 0 10 per y.
Frocks 2 6 each
Flannel Waistcoats 2 6 each
Drawers 2 0 per pair
Worsted White knitted Jackets 5 9 each
Blue knitted Jackets 6 0 each
Knitted Drawers 4 6 per pair
Stockings 2 3 per pair
Mits 0 8 per pair
Caps 1 9 each
  Blankets 2 6 each
  Shirts 2 6 each
  Black Silk Handkerchiefs 2 6 each
  Hats 4 0 each
  Caps for Boats' Crews 2 0 each
  Shoes 4 6 per pair
Flushing Jackets 14 6 each
Trowsers 7 3 per pair
Marks of Distinction First Class 3 6 each
Second Class 2 3 each
Boys' Slops Blue Cloth Jackets 7 6 each
Blue Cloth Trowsers 5 3 per pair
Duck Trowsers 2 3 per pair
Duck Frocks 2 3 each
Flannel Waistcoats 1 10 each
Flannel Drawers 1 9 per pair
Worsted White knitted Jackets 3 6 each
Stockings 1 0 per pair
Shirts 2 0 each
Hats 3 0 each
Shoes 3 3 per pair
  Hair Beds 11 6 each

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