Men of the Royal Navy to be allowed Extra Rations of Tea and Sugar in lieu of the Tot

Admiralty Order.- Application having been made to their Lordships on the part of the crews of her Majesty's ships, to be allowed the indulgence of taking up an additional quantity of tea and sugar in lieu of the daily ration of spirits, their Lordships, with the view of carrying into effect and encouraging so desirable an arrangement, are pleased to sanction the issue of the following quantities of tea and sugar, for the daily ration of spirits, to such of the crews of her Majesty's ships as may be desirous of making the substitution, viz., tea, half an ounce ; sugar, two ounces.

Any men that may be disposed to take up only one-half the allowance of spirits, would then receive one-half of the above proportion, viz., tea, quarter of an ounce ; sugar, one ounce. Or they may be paid the savings money upon the tea and sugar in lieu thereof. The above circular is to be read to the different ship's companies, and fully explained that the proposed change is to be entirely voluntary on their part.

H. G. Ward.

To all flag officers, captains, and commanding officers of her Majesty's ships and vessels."

SG & SGTL Vol 5 ; Page 115 ; 20 May 1848.

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