Promotion of Engineers - 1859

Circular No. 359.

Admiralty, 21st March, 1859.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to direct that, in future, no Engineer shall be promoted to a rank or class for which he has not passed at least a provisional examination, at the date of such promotion : and the following regulations have been established for the examination of Assistant Engineers, who may be serving abroad, for the rank of Chief Engineer :-

First Class Assistant Engineers who have completed three years' service at sea in that rank, and who are desirous of passing for Chief Engineers, may be examined by an Inspector of Machinery Afloat, or, in the event of there being no officer of that rank on the Station, then by two Chief Engineers ; the examination in either case to be conducted in the presence of a Captain or Commander.

An Officer on passing this examination will be eligible for an appointment as "Acting Chief Engineer," but will not be eligible for confirmation to that rank, until be shall have passed the established examination before the Chief Engineer and Inspector of Steam Machinery at the Admiralty.

By Command of their Lordships,

H. Corry.

To all Commanders-is-Chief, &c.

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