Admiralty to make Regulations for Admission of Apprentices and Factory Boys in the Dockyards and Factories, includes those in training with the view to becoming Naval Engineers.

Order in Council,
23 Jan 1860.

Whereas we have had under our consideration the Regulations laid down in Your Majesty's Order in Council, dated 11th March, 1853, with regard to the selection of Apprentices, Labourers, Artificers, and other persons, for admission to and promotion in Your Majesty's Dockyards; and whereas we are of opinion that so much of the said Regulations as relates to the admission of Apprentices in the Dockyards, and of Boys in the Factories, with the view of becoming Naval Engineers, should be modified; we do therefore most humbly submit to Your Majesty that such portion as aforesaid of Your Majesty's Order in Council of 11th March, 1853, may be rescinded, and that we may be authorized to make such Regulations on the subject of admission of Apprentices and Factory Boys as we shall from time to time deem to be for the benefit of Your Majesty's Service.

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