The Navy List 1870

Introduction of Engine-Room Artificers.

Circular No. 23.-N.

Admiralty 23rd April, 1868.

Her Majesty having, by Her Order in Council of the 28th of March, 1868, authorized the employment of Mechanics in the engine-room of Her Majesty's ships, in lieu of junior Engineer officers, and the substitution of such Mechanics, with the rating of "Engine-room artificer," for the present Chief stokers: their Lordships are pleased to issue the following Regulations on the subject.


A candidate for the rating of Engine-room artificer must be either an Engine-fitter, a Boiler-maker, a Smith, or a Coppersmith.

His age must not be less than 21, or more than 35 years.

He must be able to read and write sufficiently well to be competent to note in the log the particulars of the working of engines and boilers ; and he must be generally acquainted with the names and uses of the principal parts of a marine engine.

He must undergo an examination by the Chief Engineer of the Dockyard and the Inspector of Machinery afloat, in the presence of the Captain of the Reserve; and if the candidate appears to be qualified, he is, in the first instance, to he appointed as acting.

He is not to be confirmed until be has served 12 months and has passed an examination: if at home by a Chief Engineer of a Dockyard and an Inspector of Machinery afloat, in the presence of the Captain of the Steam Reserve; or, if abroad, by an Inspector of Machinery afloat, or, if there is no Inspector of Machinery afloat by 2 Chief Engineers in the presence of the Captain of the ship in which the Engine-room artificer may be serving.

He must understand the uses and management of the various gauges - of the feed, injection, and blow-off cocks; he must know how to ascertain the density and height of the water in the boilers, and what should be done in the event of priming.

He must also know how to regulate the water admitted for condensation ; what should be done in the event of water passing into the cylinders; or of a bearing becoming heated; and how to act, on the occurrence of any of the ordinary casualties of an engine-room.

He must also obtain a Certificate from his Captain that be is fit to keep a watch in the engine-room, and is deserving of confirmation.


The pay of an Engine-room artificer to be:

5s. a-day for the first 3 years

5s. 9d. a-day afterwards.

While acting the pay is to be the same as after confirmation, and if confirmed, acting time to be allowed.


To be that of a Chief petty officer-in the place of the present Chief stoker, which rating will now be abolished.


To mess with Masters-at-Arms, and other Chief petty officers.


As Chief petty officers.


All Engine-room artificers must enter for continuous service.

They will be entered in the Steam Reserve, and kept employed as Mechanics, or on such duties as Assistant-Engineers are now employed on, so as to be always on full-pay; and when on board ships in commission they will be employed in a similar manner.

Entries to be made by the Commanders-in-Chief at the Ports, and confirmations to be made either at home or abroad, by the Commander-in-Chief, or senior officer.

By command of their Lordships

To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c. Henry G. Lennox

Source: Navy List for 1870, Page 472

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