Report to the Admiralty on the Conduct of Engineers and Stokers.

Circular No. 385.
Admiralty, 29th July, 1859.

My Lords, considering it desirable that information should be furnished respecting the Engineers of Her Majesty's Ships, in addition to that which is now contained in the Quarterly Reports, No. 156, and that Reports on the qualifications, conduct, disposition, and general character of the Engineers and leading Stokers should be omitted in the same, and are pleased to direct that the enclosed Form be adopted in lieu of that in present use.

Reports on the qualifications, character, disposition, and general conduct of the Chief Engineers are to be furnished on the Form enclosed, annually, and as the expiration of each Commission, as well as on their removal or discharge from their ships, addressed to the Secretary of the Admiralty, for the Surveyor of the Navy. The Form for Engineers qualified for charge, and Assistant Engineers, is to be sent in quarterly, together with a report on the qualifications and conduct of the leading Stokers.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget
To all Captains, Commanders, and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

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