Examination of Midshipmen entitled to pass for a Lieutenancy when his ship is on detached service

Admiralty Memorandum,

17 Dec 1841

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty direct that in cases of a Midshipman having completed the required time to entitle him to pass for a Lieutenancy, when the ship to which he belongs shall happen to be detached, so as to prevent his obtaining at the moment an examination according to the established regulations, the Captain or Commander of the said ship in which such Midshipman may be serving, with the senior Lieutenant or second officer, and the Master or Second Master (according to the class of ship and the rank of officers on board of her) assisted by the Naval Instructor, if there may be one on board, may proceed to examine such Midshipman as to his qualifications to perform the duties of a Lieutenant, and if they find him to be in their opinions duly qualified, they are to give him a certificate to that effect, dated on the day of such examination, and the Captain my forthwith give him an acting order as Mate, and if on the first opportunity that shall afterwards offer for his being re-examined according to the established regulations, he passes successfully, his rank as Mate shall be enrolled according to the date of his first provisional certificate above ordered.

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