z The Flying Squadron - Visit to Australia 1869/70


The Flying Squadron 1869-70


I became interested in THE FLYING SQUADRON because my husbandís ancestor, James William HARRIS was aboard HMS Liffey. I thought others might be interested in the descriptions of the excitement of the stays in various Australian Ports.

This first extract is taken from an article in The Sydney Morning Herald on 13th December 1869 and explains the purpose of the Flying Squadron. I will post further extracts as I can manage to retype them (the type is very small and not always clear). Thanks to Paul Benyon they will also be posted on his website

Lesley Buchan, Bathurst NSW Australia.

Part 1 - Planning and Formation of the Flying Squadron
Part 2 - The Journey Out - or Of Exercises and Arrival at Bahia
Part 3 - From Monte Video to Melbourne
Part 4 - The Flying Squadron At Melbourne
Part 5 - Arrival of the Flying Squadron At Melbourne
Part 6 - The Flying Squadron At Melbourne
Part 7 - Squadron moves from temporary anchorage to moorings
Part 8 - The Flying Squadron At Sydney
Part 9 - The Flying Squadron prepares to leave for Hobart Town

HMS Barrosa
HMS Endymion
HMS Liffey
HMS Liverpool
HMS Phoebe
HMS Scylla

Admiral Hornby
Admiral Hornby

For the record - I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to be able to host such an interesting narrative - gives one an insight as to what our relatives "got up to" once they left our shores and includes mention not only of HMS Liffey, but also HMS Liverpool, HMS Endymion, HMS Phoebe, HMS Scylla, HMS Barrosa.

And a small snippet from The Times (of London) following the visit of the Squadron to Melbourne.


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