(From the Government Gazette.)

Colonial Secretary's Office. Sydney,
19th January, 1855.

The following Rules and Regulations for observance by Masters, Officers, and Crews of Vessels in Quarantine, and by Passengers and all other persons whilst performing Quarantine, on board vessels or on shore, having been made by the Governor with the advice of the Executive Council, under a authority of the 11th Clause of the Act of Council, 17 Victoria. No. 29, His Excellency directs their publication for general information.

By His Excellency's Command.
C. D. Riddell.

Quarantine Regulations

1. There shall be three Grades or Classes of Quarantine, which shall, as far as practicable able, be comprised under the following heads, and the Health Officer or other Person appointed for the purpose shall have the power, subject to the confirmation of the Governor General and Executive Council, to place any vessel, (requiring the same,) her crew, and passengers within any of the before-mentioned grades. And the course pointed out by the regulations applicable to each Grade shall be carried out by the Superintendent of Quarantine, and shall also be adopted by the Surgeon, Muster, Officers, Crew, and Passengers of any vessel so placed in Quarantine.

(1st.) When virulent disease exists at the time of the arrival of the ship. [Vessels placed in Quarantine under this clause will remain for an indefinite period, which will entirely depend on the continuance of disease and general health of the persons.]

(2nd.) When disease exists at the time of the arrival of the ship, which does not require a separation of the healthy from those diseased ; or when there may not be any present existing disease, but from its recent occurrence, precautionary measures are requisite for cleansing and purifying the vessel. [Under this clause a vessel may be detained for a period not exceeding twenty-one days, unless fresh cases appear to render her longer detention necessary.]

(3rd.) When vessels may arrive from proclaimed Ports or from places in which virulent disease has existed, but which has not made its appearance during the voyage. [Under this clause vessels will not be detained for a period exceeding seven days, providing nothing which would render longer detention necessary occurs in the meantime, and that a satisfactory certificate is produced to the Superintendent of Quarantine, that all necessary measures for cleansing and purifying have been taken.]

Regulations under the First Grade

2. On the arrival of the vessel at the usual anchorage in Spring Cove, the sick are immediately to be removed to the Hospital Ship "Harmony," with such attendants only as maybe requisite for the care or the patients.

3. If there shall be me Surgeon in Charge of the Hospital Ship, the Surgeon of the vessel must repair on board and remain in attendance on the sick.

4 Should there be no Surgeon attached to the vessel, one will be provided by the Government.

5. Should the Surgeon of the vessel repair on board the Hospital Ship in charge of the a sick a Surgeon will be provided, if necessary, to take charge of those who may be free from disease, who will be located on the healthy ground.

6. As soon therefore as this Surgeon shall have been appointed, or in the event of such appointment being unnecessary, in consequence of the Surgeon of the vessel not requiring to proceed on board the Hospital Ship in charge of the sick, the healthy people shall be landed and shall occupy the buildings appropriated for their accommodation, the single females being placed in charge of the Matron in the buildings situated on the Point, the married persons and, the single males occupying the other buildings situated in the centre of the ground.

7. As soon as the passengers shall have been removed from the vessel, the Master shall cause all the bed fittings to be taken down and removed to the shore for the purpose of being cleansed. The 'tween decks to be washed with lime or other disinfecting agent, and every possible ventilation given to the hold and decks of the vessel, by the use of swing stoves, &c., until a general purification of the ship shall have been made.

8. The crew and cabin passengers may, if healthy, remain on board the vessel, but in the event of the sickness of any one of them, he or she is at once to be conveyed on board the Hospital Ship.

9. The clothes of all the cabin passengers, officers and crew of the vessel must be landed and carefully cleansed under the inspection of the Medical Officer, and the beds and bedding used during the voyage must be burned, the value thereof being first assessed by the Superintendent of the station and the Surgeon, or some Officer of the vessel.

Regulations Under the Second Grade

10. On the arrival of the vessel at the usual anchorage, the Master shall cause the whole of the passengers, with their luggage to be landed, and the people shall be placed in the buildings appropriated for their accommodation, separating the single females from the other persons, in the manner pointed out in clause 6.

11. The same course is to be pursued with reference to the cleansing and ventilating the vessels and also in regard to the destruction of the beds and cleansing of the beds and Cleansing of the apparel, as is provided for in the preceding Regulations in respect to the first grade.

Regulations Under The Third Grade.

12. On the arrival of the vessel at the usual anchorage, the Master shall cause all the wearing apparel and beds belonging to the Officers, passengers, and crew to be landed and cleansed. He will also see that the vessel is cleansed and fumigated.

13. In this case it will not be necessary for the passengers to occupy the buildings, as they can return on board the vessel each night ; neither will it be requisite for the bed places to be taken down, or the beds and bedding destroyed

Hospital Ship.

14. The Surgeon in charge of the Hospital Ship shall cause the patients labouring under different descriptions of disease, to be placed in separate wards as far as practicable.

15. Whenever a patient is sent from the shore or from a vessel to the Hospital ship, be will be immediately examined and placed in the ward allotted to the disease under which he labours - his person being previously cleansed and his clothes changed.

16. The Surgeon will appoint wardsmen and nurses, who may be allowed to come on board with the patients for that purpose.

17. He will see that order and cleanliness is observed by the patients and attendants.

18. He will not allow any communication to be made by any on hoard with any one outside the vessel.

19. He will cause morality to be observed on board.

20. The Superintendent of Quarantine will communicate with him twice in each day, morning and afternoon, when it will be expected that he will have his requisition prepared for any article he may require, as also his Report to the Health officer of the state of the patients.

21. He will take care to have a day's provisions always in advance, in case of a difficulty existing in the way of communicating with Sydney.

22. He will be responsible that all articles drawn for him from the Stores arc returned or satisfactorily accounted for.

23. Should he require to communicate with the Superintendent at any other time, he will have the ship's bell rung as a signal.

24. He will keep a regular Diary or Log Book, which must be written up daily.

25. Besides his Daily Journal or Log, the Surgeon will keep a Medical Register, to contain a detailed history of every case of disease, with the treatment employed, and a daily entry of the diet and extras prescribed.

26. On the admission of each patient, his case is to be entered in this Register, which is to be daily written up. Each subsequent report should refer to the symptoms of the preceding day, and the action of the remedies prescribed should be specially noted.

27. He will make a daily return in the form attached to these Regulations, of the state of all his cases under his charge.

28. The Surgeon will regularly visit the wards twice a day in the morning at 8 o'clock in the summer, and at 9 o'clock in the winter and in the evening between 8 and 9 o'clock throughout the year; at which hours the patients are to be prescribed for, the prescriptions bring written with ink in the "Daily Prescription Book" by the bedside of the patient.

29. He will make a requisition in the form that will be provided for him, of all his requirements for the sick under his charge, either on account of medicines, medical comfort, fruit, or any other necessary, which requisition he will be required to have in readiness for the morning visit of the Superintendent of Quarantine.

30. Wines or Spirits, if indispensably necessary in any case. may be administered under the vigilant superintendence of the Medical Officer, who will be held responsible for the due custody of these, as well as of all other articles in store; such as tea, sugar, &c.

31. He will see that the hospital clothing; is carefully washed, and that no dirty or soiled clothes, particularly those belonging to deceased person, are allowed to remain longer than may be absolutely necessary before being cleansed.

32. The wards are to be ventilated according to the state of the weather, and the diseases of the patients ; for this duty the Surgeon is responsible - injudicious ventilation being hurtful.

33. The custom of washing floors and covering them with sand, its positively forbidden. Dry rubbing with a brush mounted on a heavy block is to be substituted. The floors are never to be washed unless under the special direction of the Medical Officer. The sides of the ward may, however, be cleaned with soap and water.

34. The wards, whenever the Surgeon may think necessary, are to be fumigated.

35. There shall be a clear space of three feet on either side of each bedstead.

36. Persons dying on board the Hospital Ship must be removed at daylight each morning to the Quarantine Ground, and notice must be given to the Superintendent whenever a death takes place, so that persons may be warned not to interrupt the funeral party on the way to the burial ground.

37. The Surgeon will take care that no wilful destruction of the Government property takes place on board the Hospital Ship, and that the foregoing Regulations are strictly adhered to.

38. He will report the name of any person committing a breach of any of them.

Duties of Wardsmen and Nurses

39. They are to take charge of the bedding and utensils, and other hospital stores, for which they are responsible to the Surgeon, who is responsible to the Government for any damage or loss.

40. To take charge of and be responsible for the wearing apparel or other property of every patient admitted to the hospital.

41. To ticket the boxes or parcels thereof, and to prevent the patients having access to them without their permission.

42. To superintend the cleansing of the wards early every morning, and oftener when necessary, taking care that every nuisance be removed as soon as possible.

43. To see that every patient has his, or her face and hands washed and hair combed, and that they are otherwise properly cleansed before the Surgeon visits the hospital ; that those patients who are able to sit up, fold up their beds every morning by six o'clock in summer, and eight in the winter ; that they separate bedding and air it every day for two hours in fine weather ; and that they render every assistance to their sick companions, which the attending Medical Officer may think compatible with their state of health. By due attention to this rule a small number of sick attendants will suffice to afford every attention to the patients.

44. To go round at the hours fixed by the Surgeon for administering medicine and nourishment.

45. To see that the patients punctually receive the same.

46. To see that order and regularity are preserved, and that no patient leaves his ward who has not received the Surgeon's permission to do so.

47. As quietness is indispensable in hospitals, every duty should be performed with the least possible noise, more especially at night.

48. Every patient must be in bed by eight o'clock in winter, and by nine in summer ; and no conversation must be permitted after that time.

Healthy Ground

49. Persons landed under the first or second grade of Quarantine Regulations will occupy the buildings as follows:

Married men and their families - the houses situated in the centre ground.

Single men - in the same buildings, if there is sufficient room; otherwise in tents, on the open ground, in front of the buildings.

Single females - will occupy the buildings on the Point, and the Matron the small building overlooking those occupied by the Single females.

50. The Surgeon will direct the constables to enforce the same discipline as has been carried out on board the ship during the voyage.

51. He will make an inspection of the persons intrusted to his charge twice a day, taking care that, in calling over the roll, any person absenting himself is reported to the Superintendent.

52. At his daily inspection he will carefully examine any person complaining, and if he shall deem it advisable, remove him to the convalescent Hospital with a view of ascertaining whether any such person may be afflicted with the prevailing epidemic. If he find such to be the case he will cause his removal to the Hospital Ship.

53. He will make a daily requisition for provisions, and other necessaries for the use of the people ; taking care that he is always provided with sufficient for one day in advance, in case of communication not being had with Sydney.

54. He will acuse the rations to be served out daily, at ?? a.m.

55. He will appoint persons to cook the meals, in the absence of the cook and cook's assistant who acted on the voyage.

56. He will see that the meals arc cooked in a proper way, and that they are served at regular hours.

57. On receipt of the rations from Sydney, he will cause them to be divided, sending a proper quantity to the Matron in the single females' ground for the use of herself and those under her charge, and removing ; the remain remainder to the store-room appointed for that purpose, to be ready for issue on the next morning

58. He will see that, as soon ad possible, all the clothes that have been worn, and those remaining in the boxes of the persons detained on the ground, are properly cleansed and washed, and repacked in the boxes after having been duly inspected by him.

59. He will be responsible that the Matron makers an inspection, each day, of the persons entrusted to her charge, and that the female apartments are carefully locked, before he retires to rest for the night.

60. He will in like manner be responsible that the cleaning of the clothes belonging to the single girls is carried out with the same strictness as is required in the centre ground.

61. He will not allow any communication to take place between the single women and the other Immigrants.

62. He will caution the persons entrusted to his care, not to stray beyond the boundaries of the ground appropriated to their use, which are marked by white stones

63. He will allow no riotous conduct, quarrelling, or fighting. to take place, and he will report for the information of the Superintendent, the names of any of those persons so offending.

64. He will not allow any wilful destruction of property, or any damage to be done to any of the buildings, and he will report the name of those persons who may so offend.

65. He will occupy the small building appropriated for his use, overlooking the buildings occupied by the persons under his charge.

66. He will make a daily report, to the Health Officer, in the form appended to these Regulations, and he will be careful to mention what cases are under his supervision in the convalescent Hospital.

67. He will permit no communication whatever, between the persons under his charge and their friends, unless in the presence or with the authority of the Superintendent of Quarantine.

68. He will make frequent visits to the vessel from which the people have been landed and see that the ship is being cleansed and fumigated in a satisfactory manner, and that the persons remaining on board are not affected with the prevailing epidemic

69. As soon as he shall receive an order for the embarkation of the people he shall see that all the beds and bedding are destroyed, with the exception of those articles of bedding which may have been carefully washed under his inspection.

70. Before the embarkation of the persons entrusted to his charge, he will cause the whole of the buildings to be carefully cleansed and whitewashed, to the satisfaction of the Superintendent.

71. He will be called upon to give a receipt for any articles he may have draw from the Superintendent, and as he will be held answerable for the due return of them, be must before leaving obtain a satisfactory certificate to that effect, from the Superintendent, or account for the deficiency that may exist.

Regulations For Vessels Which May Arrive from places in which disease is Prevalent, but which has not made its Appearance During The Voyage.

72. Passengers landed under the third Grade will be required to land their baggage and bedding, and commence washing every article, to the satisfaction of the Surgeon, if there shall be one belonging to the ship on the ground, or in the absence of any one so appointed, to the satisfaction of the Superintendent. of Quarantine.

73. They will, except under a special order, be permitted to occupy the building, but will return at night to their vessel.

74. They must not stray beyond the marked boundaries of the ground.

7 5. They must not hold communication with any one from the shore, unless in the presence and with the permission of the Superintendent.

General Regulations

76. The boundaries of the Quarantine Ground are distinguished as follows :

Those on the shore by white stone pillars, and those on the water by a line bearing N. 20° W. from the Flagstaff situated on the Rocky Point facing the Southern boundary of Spring Cove, to the Rocky Point facing the northern boundary of Little Manly Beach ; and also all that portion of North Head bounded by the entrance to Port Jackson, situated between the Flagstaff Point and the Obelisk.

77. Any person found wilfully damaging any of the buildings, fences, or any other portion of the Government property, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

78. The management of the Quarantine Ground and the disposal of the people subjected to the performance of Quarantine shall be vested in the Immigration Agent and Health Officer, subject to a reference to the Immigration Board in any ease of difference of opinion.

79. Upon ordering a vessel into quarantine, the Health officer shall give a notice in duplicate, to the master of the vessel, in the form attached hereunto, stating the grade or description of Quarantine in which he has placed such vessel, and unless the order of the Health Officer is cancelled by the Governor and Executive Council, the vessel, officers, crew, and her passengers, shall be subject to the Regulations applicable to such grade of Quarantine, and the Superintendent, Master, crew, and passengers shall be bound to obey, and be held liable for any breach of the Regulations so applicable as aforesaid, under a penalty, in each case, not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

80. The Master of any vessel detained in Quarantine shall cause a yellow flag of not less than six breadths of bunting to be hoisted at the maintopmast head, which flag shall be kept flying between the hours of sunrise and sunset, but between the hours of sunset and sunrise a lantern, shall be hoisted in the same place, and a light shall be kept burning until sunrise, under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

81. The Master of any vessel placed in Quarantine shall warn all boats attempting to approach the vessel to keep off, and shall take care that no person holds communication With the passengers or crew of the vessel, except in the presence of and with the permission of the Superintendent of Quarantine, under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

82. The Master of any vessel placed in Quarantine shall, as soon as practicable, deliver to the Superintendent of Quarantine his mails under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

83. Boats from vessels in Quarantine shall go direct from the vessel to which they belong to the place appointed for them to land ; and on their return shall go direct to the ship. They shall not be allowed to pull about the harbour in any other directions under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

84. Should more than one vessel be placed in Quarantine at the same time, the people of one vessel shall not be allowed to communicate with those of another, but they shall be restricted to the boundaries which shall have been allotted to each of them, under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

85. Persons in Quarantine must not communicate personally with any one from Sydney or elsewhere, except with the permission and in the presence of the Superintendent, under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

86. Persons wishing to visit their friends in Quarantine, must, on their arrival at Spring Cove, report themselves to the sentry stationed on the nearest point ; or, in the absence of a guard, to the Superintendent, who will afford them every facility for seeing and communicating with their friends ; but they must, on no pretence, attempt to hold communication with those in Quarantine except in the presence of the Superintendent, under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds. And any one not already in Quarantine who may pass within the boundaries will be detained in Quarantine, and the circumstances reported to His Excellency the Governor-General.

87. The Hospital ship is not to be approached by any one except in the presence and with the permission of the Superintendent under a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds.

88. The Superintendent shall makes periodical visit every night and morning to the Hospital Ship, to any vessel detained, and also to the boundaries of communication in the convalescent ground, for the purpose of receiving the several Reports and Requisitions of the persons in charge.

89. He shall attend at all other times in the event of signals fee that purpose being made.

90. On the arrival of any vessel at the Quarantine Ground, the Superintendent shall request the Master to deliver to him the notice addressed to the Superintendent of Quarantine given to him by the Health Officer, which document shall be a sufficient authority for the Superintendent of Quarantine to carry out all the Regulations applicable to the Grade mentioned in the said notice, without further instructions from the Government.

91. The Health Officer will report to the Government the course taken by him in respect to each vessel so detained.

92. The Superintendent of Quarantine shall not permit any spirits or other strong liquors to be landed at the Quarantine Ground, or taken on board the Hospital Ship, except with the concurrence of the Health Officer.

93. On the arrival of a vessel at the Quarantine Ground, the Superintendent shall cause a copy of these Regulations to be put on board, and also a copy of the several Acts of Council applicable to the performance of Quarantine.

94. The Superintendent shall give notice to all persona in Quarantine that any letters which they may wish to send to their friends must be delivered to him before noon of each day, or they will not be sent until the following day.

95. The Superintendent shall keep a regular Diary, in which the occurrences of each day shall be carefully noticed.

98. He shall also keep a Register of the deaths that may take place, in the form herewith appended.

97. No release from Quarantine wilt be granted until the Master or Medical Officer shall give a certificate to the following effect, viz.:- That no new case of the prevailing epidemic, or of any other infections or contagious disease, has occurred among the people under their charge, since the one last reported, and that all the measures directed to be taken for the cleansing and purification of the vessel and her contents, and of the baggage and bedding of the passengers and crew, have been completed, and that the Quarantine has been strictly kept.

Form of Certificate to be given by the Surgeon in charge of persons landed from the ship ________at present is Quarantine.

I, _____________being the Surgeon in charge of the persons now in Quarantine and previously landed from the Ship ______________ do certify that, no new case of the prevailing epidemic or of any other infections or contagious disease bas occurred amongst the people now under my charge, since the one last reported to me, and that all the measures directed by the Regulations have been taken for cleansing and putrefying the vessel and her contents, and also the wearing apparel of the crew and passengers ; and that no communication has taken place between any other persons affected with disease and the persons under my charge ; and that the Quarantine Regulations have been strictly upheld.

________________Surgeon in charge of the__________ship. Spring Cove, ________185___


Form of Sick Report.

Sick Report.

For the _______ day of __________,185___ , of the immigrants per Ship ______in the _____station at Quarantine .

______Name. ______Age._______Disease.

__________Date of admission. _________Date of Discharge.

_________________State at present.

_________________General Remarks.

___________________Surgeon Superintend-at.

To the Health Officer.


Form of Requisition for Daily Rations from Sydney.

Immigrants' Rations

_________Quarantine, Spring Cove, ___________185___

Rations for the undermentioned Immigrants are required to be delivered at this place on ______the _______ at _______o'clock.

_________Ship. _________Adults. ____________Children. ____________Total.

To the Agent for immigration, and Health Officer, &e., &e., &c.

Surgeon Superintendent.

Etc. ad infinitum…………..

SG & SGTL Vol 12 ; Page 28-29 ; 29 Jan 1855

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